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Huawei Y5p

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  • Dave P.
  • BiP
  • 25 Jan 2023

Huawei y5p, are they *4G*?

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    • Ak
    • 0Tk
    • 28 Nov 2022

    I've tried getting to aurora store and it won't work help

      jawir, 09 Oct 2020I tried flashing and other hacking and messed you h... morety toflash with scatter firmware. some time huawei mobile sd card update get failed
      here scatter rom

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        • random kid
        • 7Xt
        • 08 May 2022

        Ive been using this phone since august 2020, and I might say that I was disappointed at first because I'm a kid and I didn't know that huawei doesn't have google services, it was good at first but the more I use it the more it lags, well ig this is cheap and has 2gb ram but for the price, I might say that it was pretty decent.

          Just use Aurora Store to download all apps from Google play.. For the non compatible apps use Spark for Gmail and Snaptube for YouTube.. Im very satisfied with phone after 16 months.. Very compact (not heavy)phone and all functions perfect, all social media apps installed!

            I agree, I have installed apkpure

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              • Chuchu
              • vaS
              • 18 Mar 2022

              babak, 21 Feb 2022surely, everyone knows huawei cant use google services for ... moreNot everyone is updated about internet stuff

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                • babak
                • 8p%
                • 21 Feb 2022

                Anonymous, 19 Feb 2022I bought this phone for my daughter and was VERY disappoint... moresurely, everyone knows huawei cant use google services for at least 3 years so why you bought knowing that?

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                  • Anonymous
                  • gKC
                  • 19 Feb 2022

                  I bought this phone for my daughter and was VERY disappointed when I discovered that she can't login with her google account for kids, nor with Microsoft Teams that she needs for school and that neither the phone can be controlled through Family Link, which we use to limit the use of internet and other apps. Additionally the phone is very slow. But especially for the first issues I would have NEVER bought it if I had understood it before..

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                    • Anonymous
                    • SvS
                    • 14 Feb 2022

                    userb, 31 Dec 2021Very light and responsive. But as long as Google is not ins... moreMicro-g

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                      • Kiril
                      • 0mM
                      • 29 Jan 2022

                      Very light and compact phone, plastic build and has nice colour options such as the green and the blue ones.
                      Great basic phone, especially if you get it for less,i got mine for 60€ and it serves its purpose as my backup phone completely, since my P20 pro is in the repair centre.Camera is basic,but it gets the job done, enough for taking picture of a text and objects.
                      EMUI 10.1 runs good,it offers all the basic tools and some nice battery saving features, screen on time, secure safe storage for files using facial recognition.TheThe 2 GB of ram is good for basic use without multitasking,more like messaging and browsing.The 32 GB of storage is good enough for most apps and it system takes a small part of it,put in an SD card for more music, movies and documents, having a second sim slot is good too.It has a headphone jack which is not that common nowadays,plus the Bluetooth 5.0 provides stable connection to accessories.EMUI 10.1 is very responsive and has nice features like gesture navigation and screen on time feature,with all the basic tools for a phone.Battery life is better than i expected for this cheap phone with great features, Huawei has always been good in this area.Charging is really slow,but that's not a problem for me, you can't expect very fast charging at this price point,leave it to charge for the night at best.Now the software situation isn't as bad as your l think,you can still install a lot of apps by downloading APK pure like Google maps,Facebook, Messenger, What's app,Telegram(its available on App Gallery too),Brave,Gboard works,Simplenote,Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft office suite and so.I just have to download the apks manually which isn't that big of a deal.You can download YouTube Vanced and YouTube music as a great alternative to the regular apps without nasty adds and with nice dark mode.App Gallery is doing a pretty good job for local apps for banking and a few popular apps too.If you adjust your expectations to reality its a great basic phone.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • XIa
                        • 04 Jan 2022

                        No earpiece which is bad

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                          • userb
                          • g0x
                          • 31 Dec 2021

                          Very light and responsive. But as long as Google is not install-able in it, it is USELESS. Most application relay on google API to function.
                          Huawei should go in another strategy. if it wonna stay in the market.

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                            • EK
                            • 3St
                            • 11 Dec 2021

                            Ryce Prince, 12 Feb 2021I want to buy this phone in south Africa and it is priced a... moreYou are asking how much of 32 GB is usable, not engaged by the system and preloaded apps? Am I right?

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                              • Therockfordfiles
                              • fu%
                              • 23 Oct 2021

                              Anonymous, 16 Jun 2020It's low priced phone. Go whine somewhere else. Don't expec... moreI stated the same comment on the nokia G10. The phone in question has 3gigs of ram and a variant of 4 gigs, yet for its price range, they expected to have the stellar performance of the s21 ultra with a low end spec phone. I told them to simply cut out the bullshit.

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                                • Therockfordfiles
                                • fu%
                                • 23 Oct 2021

                                Anonymous, 20 Feb 2021How can I have YouTube when Google services don't run😭YouTube vanced from Apkpure is just a better option than the regular YouTube app found on gms devices. Newpipe also is a good alternative. Both these apps aren't plagued with ads.

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                                  • Therockfordfiles
                                  • fu%
                                  • 23 Oct 2021

                                  Kailash , 11 Jul 2021I really,really regret buying this phone and want to kick m... moreAre you serious??? Having this device can't be Terrible than owning a nokia 6680. The lack of google apps is a deal breaker but besides that, I don't see anything wrong with the device itself since I'm accustomed to use feature phones on a regular basis and feature phones don't come with google apps preloaded on them.

                                  Besides having a few smartphones, I also have the nokia 6300 which is a feature phone which had the essential that I need like a micro sd card slot, a built in 3.5mm audio Jack and a decent music player

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                                    • Luwa
                                    • guR
                                    • 25 Sep 2021

                                    stunning phone i love it....
                                    No problems at all for me and i have all the apps i need without google play
                                    Good job HUAWEI

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                                      • EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
                                      • aj}
                                      • 20 Aug 2021

                                      Anonymous, 03 Jul 2020Is there a screenflash on front camera?!Nope

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                                        • EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
                                        • aj}
                                        • 20 Aug 2021

                                        Skylar , 14 Dec 2020I hate this phone so much It's like the worst phone e... moreTrue this phone is a nightmare