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  • DogsRus

This phone is trash. I received this type from my employer and ever since that I have my cringe moments everyday with it.

Phone randomly activates even though the random anti wake function is on. I usually call up a colleuge 2 or 3 times on a bad day while its in my pocket.

Screen is wonky has a very strange response. Even my friends were surprised how bad it is.

Phone screen doesnt go blank while having a call. I usually put it on airplane mode in the middle of a call.

When ending the call the phone lags so much i cant properly close the call coz the screen recognises it as input in my phonebook already so it automatically calls the first person behind the call end button.


  • Jake

It's a fairly good budget phone for every day use and some really low end gaming. BUT,
There are 4 main issues with this phone that i'd like to address;

1) Huawei abandoned the phone long ago so you won't get any EMUI updates or anything.

2) The 8gb storage is almost halfway filled when you buy it so after some time you'll be
constantly cleaning your storage on a daily basis. The SD card capability does help..
but not so much..

3) Something a lot of people get wrong is the speaker...There's only one speaker. The
"Speaker" on the right is the mic. But the sound quality and the loudness is
considerably better for a single speaker.

4) The phone is quite laggy and a bit glitchy sometimes. And the lack of updates certainly
doesn't help with these issues..

But in the end it's a budget phone. So It's good for non demanding day to day tasks. And some really low end games.

  • Almost Good Value

I it might be okay for the money. But I guess there are better alternatives from cheaper brands. This touchscreen is not so good and the memory specs are way too low for any serious use.

The only positives I can think of, are: small size and weight, okay screen and camera.

The first bad things that come to mind are: Internal memory is almost full from the factory and it is very hard to free space to install apps. Touch digitizer is poor and typing is very hard, not useable for e-mails. Phone gets very slow with modern apps.

  • MeeHee

my phone don't have connection? why?

  • Anonymous

Good phone gaming phone on its time still working for 3 years. Sadly need to change due to its late gpu and chipset version but still one of my best pic phone next samsung series

  • Jay

the left side speakers of my y6 pro doesn't work?

  • dzani4

Still goooood in 2019.
Navigation(gps is sometimes slow),games,signal,battery and other things just fine.
Y6 do a job !!

  • vitunvanhajorkkonen

xander, 30 Mar 2019i hate this device.. it keeps on lagging and crashing. despite t... moreI agree with you so much...

  • app

AnonD-603249, 01 Nov 2016Yes, it's 4GApps

At the time, one of the best phones. Cheap and excellent.

  • xander

i hate this device.. it keeps on lagging and crashing. despite that this device is a budget phone at its low cost price... but still i cant handle the was pretty annoying though ...i dont recomment this!

  • Jet

Why the android version not working it won't find the version that go out after you click the oreo and the octopos won't out please help me in. My problem

  • juv

ive had this phone for over 3 years now, and its good! i plan to change it when it breaks

  • kit

I've had this phone for over a year and only recently did it start acting up. It's appalling nowadays and I can barely do anything with it now. The keyboard doesn't appear for a while when I want to type, it restarts on its own and my apps keep crashing. The storage is also abysmal and I can't wait to get a new phone.

I advise future buyers to be cautious of the phone. It's not particularly long lasting.

  • Me

Don't buy y6 2019,just a waste of money and time, just bought mine less dn 2 weeks, video is not working well, even can't send. Always hanging, etc etc

  • Roby

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2019Really good phone..Shoud be used carefully Why?

  • Anonymous

Really good phone..Shoud be used carefully

  • Kevin

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2019is is not speaker it is microphoneHahahaha 😂😂😂

  • Alex Hombing

Is It 4G phone cell? Only 3G sign displayed on signal (right top position )

  • Anonymous

The Neutralizer, 23 Dec 2018Why my huawei y6 left side speaker doesn't working? is is not speaker it is microphone