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  • Starkohmarhn

Huawei is standard brand but the way off how to open it when it locks with WiFi it's really complicated to open can you help?

  • Jake

Liss Ong, 06 Jan 2020I have been using my y6 for a year now. I use it for emails... moreInteresting,
Are you sure you have the 2015 Y6 ?
If not I'm afraid you're commenting on the wrong place

"Both sim slots are already 4G"
I've been using the Y6 for 4 years now and I can confirm that It does not have 4G
Sim 1 supports 3G and Sim 2 slot supports 2G and that's about it

" It is almost full when you bought it."
This is very true and I've been having issue with storage management no less than 6 months after buying. These days, I clean the storage on a daily basis and it's extremely tiring

"2nd worse thing is face unlock"
That's the thing. 2015 Y6 Does not support face unlock and to my knowledge, the first commercially available phone to ever have face unlock was Apple's iPhone X back in 2017.

"it workd great for 360p to 480p but when you start watching video files mp4 format in 720p it keeps lagging"
Now reading your comment, I would have assumed you have a newer Y6 and just left it at that without even thinking of replying like this but decided to reply because of what you've said about video playback

Your phone supports face unlock, has 4G but lags when playing 720p videos. It's odd. My 2015 Y6 as stated before doesn't have face unlock nor 4G but I've watched a lot of 1080p movies on this phone. Though it struggles when trying to play HEVC encoded videos in mkv containers but that's to be expected from a budget phone.

"EMUI updates it keeps on updating"

That's weird.
After the EMUI 3.1 update My Y6 never received a single update

At first I thought you might have a newer Y6 since you seems to have 4G and face unlock supported on your device but a newer device would certainly be able to play 720p and even 1080p videos without issue; even my 2015 Y6 can handle 1080p movies
You're phone might not even be a genuine Huawei device.

  • Anonymous

Me, 12 Mar 2019Don't buy y6 2019,just a waste of money and time, just boug... moreThe internet is slow

  • Root

MdTarek, 21 Mar 2020I have buy this phone in 2016 june.and also i use this phon... moreThere's just one speaker, the other one is the microphone

  • MdTarek

I have buy this phone in 2016 june.and also i use this phone not a single problem..I'm fully setisfait this phone

  • abbey

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2019is is not speaker it is microphoneThe left side of my speaker doesn't work, how could I fix it?

  • vinc

Liss Ong, 06 Jan 2020I have been using my y6 for a year now. I use it for emails... moredo y6 have 4g LTEļ¼Ÿ

  • Liss Ong

I have been using my y6 for a year now. I use it for emails, downloading movies, games, movie streaming chat, call and text, taking pictures and creating documents because it is handy. What I like on Y6 is the thin body, simple interface. Both sim slots are already 4G when the signal is low on one sim. I can switch my data connection to the other. I have 32g sd card inserted for back up but I preferred internal storage as default storage for it is safer. Now what I hate the most is the internal storage. It is almost full when you bought it. So I have limited apps installed on it as apps as we know it consumes bigger space when you start using it. So I ended up with 1G free space left spare so I can watch youtube videos and browse on my facebook. I am getting tired of cleaning app storage from time to time to free up my space.
2nd worse thing is face unlock it takes a couple of seconds before it can even recognize your face that you even have to get closer of 4-5inches before it unlocks. I prefer pin lock instead.
For video playing it workd great for 360p to 480p but when you start watching video files mp4 format in 720p it keeps lagging though I have so much storage on sd card ofcourse my internal maintaining to at atleast 1gb.and video player dont like it much I am using other players that can play continously like MYx coz I am watching hindi films wih subtitles. And subtitles is not available on built in video player of Y6.

For backing up your data to google drive it s a good idea to keep your precious memories but when you do so you would have no internal storage left to keep your phone up.

Lastly the worst thing which makes me irritatef is EMUI updates it keeps on updating. So annoying. I can 't keep on clearing my data to download the update every time it pops up. When the phone needs to be power cycle I have to force restart.

It is ok as a budget phone for light use. But for heavy users who need a lot of storage or who loves online games then y6 wont fit for you.

  • DogsRus

This phone is trash. I received this type from my employer and ever since that I have my cringe moments everyday with it.

Phone randomly activates even though the random anti wake function is on. I usually call up a colleuge 2 or 3 times on a bad day while its in my pocket.

Screen is wonky has a very strange response. Even my friends were surprised how bad it is.

Phone screen doesnt go blank while having a call. I usually put it on airplane mode in the middle of a call.

When ending the call the phone lags so much i cant properly close the call coz the screen recognises it as input in my phonebook already so it automatically calls the first person behind the call end button.


  • Jake

It's a fairly good budget phone for every day use and some really low end gaming. BUT,
There are 4 main issues with this phone that i'd like to address;

1) Huawei abandoned the phone long ago so you won't get any EMUI updates or anything.

2) The 8gb storage is almost halfway filled when you buy it so after some time you'll be
constantly cleaning your storage on a daily basis. The SD card capability does help..
but not so much..

3) Something a lot of people get wrong is the speaker...There's only one speaker. The
"Speaker" on the right is the mic. But the sound quality and the loudness is
considerably better for a single speaker.

4) The phone is quite laggy and a bit glitchy sometimes. And the lack of updates certainly
doesn't help with these issues..

But in the end it's a budget phone. So It's good for non demanding day to day tasks. And some really low end games.

  • Almost Good Value

I it might be okay for the money. But I guess there are better alternatives from cheaper brands. This touchscreen is not so good and the memory specs are way too low for any serious use.

The only positives I can think of, are: small size and weight, okay screen and camera.

The first bad things that come to mind are: Internal memory is almost full from the factory and it is very hard to free space to install apps. Touch digitizer is poor and typing is very hard, not useable for e-mails. Phone gets very slow with modern apps.

  • MeeHee

my phone don't have connection? why?

  • Anonymous

Good phone gaming phone on its time still working for 3 years. Sadly need to change due to its late gpu and chipset version but still one of my best pic phone next samsung series

  • Jay

the left side speakers of my y6 pro doesn't work?

  • dzani4

Still goooood in 2019.
Navigation(gps is sometimes slow),games,signal,battery and other things just fine.
Y6 do a job !!

  • vitunvanhajorkkonen

xander, 30 Mar 2019i hate this device.. it keeps on lagging and crashing. desp... moreI agree with you so much...

  • app

AnonD-603249, 01 Nov 2016Yes, it's 4GApps

At the time, one of the best phones. Cheap and excellent.

  • xander

i hate this device.. it keeps on lagging and crashing. despite that this device is a budget phone at its low cost price... but still i cant handle the was pretty annoying though ...i dont recomment this!

  • Jet

Why the android version not working it won't find the version that go out after you click the oreo and the octopos won't out please help me in. My problem