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Huawei Y6

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  • juv

ive had this phone for over 3 years now, and its good! i plan to change it when it breaks

  • kit

I've had this phone for over a year and only recently did it start acting up. It's appalling nowadays and I can barely do anything with it now. The keyboard doesn't appear for a while when I want to type, it restarts on its own and my apps keep crashing. The storage is also abysmal and I can't wait to get a new phone.

I advise future buyers to be cautious of the phone. It's not particularly long lasting.

  • Me

Don't buy y6 2019,just a waste of money and time, just bought mine less dn 2 weeks, video is not working well, even can't send. Always hanging, etc etc

  • Roby

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2019Really good phone..Shoud be used carefully Why?

  • Anonymous

Really good phone..Shoud be used carefully

  • Kevin

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2019is is not speaker it is microphoneHahahaha 😂😂😂

  • Alex Hombing

Is It 4G phone cell? Only 3G sign displayed on signal (right top position )

  • Anonymous

The Neutralizer, 23 Dec 2018Why my huawei y6 left side speaker doesn't working? is is not speaker it is microphone

  • The Neutralizer

Why my huawei y6 left side speaker doesn't working?

  • Anonymous

Phone has a lot of issues, little storage, network randomly goes, awful camera. It's not the worst but it certainly isn't worth the money and I only paid 80 for mine 😂

  • ayaya

alex, 26 Sep 2018this piece of scum dont even have 8gb of has on... moreThat is the real deal with all other smartphone on the market, either you are not clever enough to figure it out or you are huawei phone haters. Cheers.

  • Melee

I had bought huawei y6 a year back and currently stop using since the past one month because network is not working .it says No service on both sim slots.i took it to maintenance and they did factory reset and IMEI changed.but didn't work.Now "network setting "also unable to touch it it is "blacken" and no means of touch it to access the network setting ,operator change selection.the other issue is 'sim set up lock' is also blacken and unable to touch it

My Huawei Y6, as a cellphone, out performs my Samsung J1 Ace. Has a better camera but more importantly has faster and better WIFI, Bluetooth, and cellphone connection. I often have to go into a building where my Samsung looses cellphone coverage not so with my Huawei.

  • alex

this piece of scum dont even have 8gb of has only 4gb actually. a rest of 4gb is already taken by stupid system and more stupid apps..

  • stella

i have a huawei y6 ii and not me recognizes no usb otg nor cables neither somebody me can say why?

  • Ambrosio

It says 16GB storage but almost half of it is for system storage. i thought it would only consume 1 to 2 GB but not thats the case. Its 7 to 8gb!!!??? OMG.

  • tainna

zichi, 15 Mar 2017Hi why everytime i uploaded my snapchat video and boomerang... morehey, i have the same problem too !! :(( have you found ways on how to fix it already? if you did, please reply !

  • hi

UnknownUser, 17 Jul 2018I just bought this phone 2 weeks ago and now its acting lik... moretry to get the Huawei p smart. it's a good quality phone. check it out on Youtube

  • hello

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2018Using for the past 2 years, the phone is extremely durable.... moreI agree

  • UnknownUser

I just bought this phone 2 weeks ago and now its acting like trash it has useless battery you activate power saving it just acts like a normal battery, it responds like a slug, it cant handle high graphic games like R.O.S etc,obviously I am a gamer so i test a lot of phones to know what is the best phone for gamers Samsung galaxy j7 is more better coz it can handle high standard game even though its android system isjust lollipop its still better than that y6 trash just dont buy this phone what a waste of time saving money for this phone