Huawei Y6

Huawei Y6

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  • Oneke Malcolm

Mad Driver, 12 Aug 2015if you look to into all midrange phones, you can see everything... moreThe cpu is very weak

  • sobi

well 2gb ram will be great for multi tasking. however processor is not such an efficient one.

  • AnonD-419589

AnonD-424135, 15 Aug 2015Another toffe for om Huawei.. .. Grow up nowand sony brand of the camera

  • AnonD-424135

Another toffe for om Huawei.. .. Grow up now

  • Mad Driver

if you look to into all midrange phones, you can see everything is same, mediatek or snapdragon, just a name different..look at this phone 2gb ram, what? Are you kidding? It should be not more than 1 gb ram with these specifications. Not everybody ordinary users, there are many tech geeks can understand. This is a truly marketing, the reason is to make others to buy....But hell no, stop it, there are thousands of different phones and generally all the same, especially chinese cheap phones, they have no idea how to make good phones...always something sucks in their phones, such as 2gb of ram in this phone...its same as wear everything except trousers

  • Mad Driver

Good for first grade children

  • AnonD-417250

Better Buy xiaomi 2 prime its an better option for this huawei 4a,,, With old 210 SD prcsr

  • akash

i am unable to use 3G and google play store

  • honor Cheong

The RAM for honor 4A should be 1GB, not 2GB!

  • K

pk007, 31 Jul 2015i am very confused because this mobile has "" Li-Po &q... moreWho says that? Li Po batteries are far more efficient and effective.

  • Anonymous

usb otg?

  • taposh_bd

If its properly priced and introduced to markets like Bangladesh I think it will be most preferable to buy,the specs are good but the price should be lower compared to other local brands.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-414674, 26 Jul 2015snapdragon 210? ewww.. waste of money.I know right

  • pk007

i am very confused because this mobile has "" Li-Po "" Battery that is not secure one and has not big life :(

  • binay

Hello evreyone I am from India .. can i got these phone in India if is it possible then where are bought these one please gave a response shortly ...
Thank You!

  • neha

we have buy a new phone plz help me

  • AnonD-414674

snapdragon 210? ewww.. waste of money.

  • sHarma raKu

waoo....> nodoo piclily......> clasicly hanset.deliberately and repeatedly bashing the same brand.

  • navas

good one at this price

  • Syed M Zishan Pakstn

gru, 23 Jul 2015R u sure its 100$­or_4a_with_low_price_2gb_of_ram-news-13169.php