Huawei Y6

Huawei Y6

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  • akash

i am unable to use 3G and google play store

  • honor Cheong

The RAM for honor 4A should be 1GB, not 2GB!

  • K

pk007, 31 Jul 2015i am very confused because this mobile has "" Li-Po &q... moreWho says that? Li Po batteries are far more efficient and effective.

  • Anonymous

usb otg?

  • taposh_bd

If its properly priced and introduced to markets like Bangladesh I think it will be most preferable to buy,the specs are good but the price should be lower compared to other local brands.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-414674, 26 Jul 2015snapdragon 210? ewww.. waste of money.I know right

  • pk007

i am very confused because this mobile has "" Li-Po "" Battery that is not secure one and has not big life :(

  • binay

Hello evreyone I am from India .. can i got these phone in India if is it possible then where are bought these one please gave a response shortly ...
Thank You!

  • neha

we have buy a new phone plz help me

  • AnonD-414674

snapdragon 210? ewww.. waste of money.

  • sHarma raKu

waoo....> nodoo piclily......> clasicly hanset.deliberately and repeatedly bashing the same brand.

  • navas

good one at this price

  • Syed M Zishan Pakstn

gru, 23 Jul 2015R u sure its 100$­or_4a_with_low_price_2gb_of_ram-news-13169.php

  • gru

AnonD-237518, 24 Jul 2015noWhy

  • Dipu

I m going to nuy it ... is it a good dicision or waste of money?

  • 13abymaster

gru, 24 Jul 2015Will it be good for gaming? Plz do tellyou wanna play ? Pay more :/

  • AnonD-237518

gru, 24 Jul 2015Will it be good for gaming? Plz do tellno

  • gru

Will it be good for gaming?
Plz do tell

  • kwisatz

Anonymous, 22 Jul 20152 megapixel for front came is so unacceptable, should have 5 meg... morePersonally I prefer 2MP front camera and 2GB of RAM, rather than 5MP front camera (or more) and 1GB of RAM.

  • Syed M Zeeshan

Only in $100 with LTE, & Android One OS.­or_4a_with_low_price_2gb_of_ram-news-13169.php