Huawei Y6 Pro (2019)

Huawei Y6 Pro (2019)

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  • Anonymous

Joe Nathan, 28 Sep 2021You cannot transfer apps to your memory card. I regret buyi... moreDude every phones android 8 and above doesn't have that feature anymore are you okay???

  • own with a lag phone

yeah the processor sucks and even run with the simple apps, the phone is already lagging at all times, what a patience phone

  • Joe Nathan

You cannot transfer apps to your memory card. I regret buying this phone because even though my internal storage is already full due to my many installed apps I cannot transfer the app storage to the memory card. I contacted huawei and apparently they did this to all of their models since 2017. Dont buy this phone or any huawei at all.

  • Anonymous

Hey, usb otg works fine for mice, keyboards and such but not for flash drives ~ anyone with the same experience?

  • itsme

im using huawei y6 pro 2019,when i got it at first day its camera is good but 1 month ago may camera starts to being like a local phone and I REGRET BUYING IT i thought its good but its not and if you're doing a face id u need to open the phone first so that it can scan ur face unlike other phones that eventhough ur phone is off it can recognized or scan ur face so thats my opinion....

  • Shahriar Morshad

I'm using it since it launched. Sure the ram and CPU performance is low nowadays compared to other devices but this was the champion in 2019. still, the battery life is awesome in 2021. Except for the camera and gaming performance, I'm still satisfied with it.

  • Nabila

Any idea when this huawei y6 pro 19 will get new software update?

  • Gabriel

Can someone please me why my y6 pro keep blinking like in the power off thing and tgen

  • JakeTheMCG

Great Phone For Selfie And Minecraft Server Checker. My Phone Performs +10% Better Than This Phone, I Tried It On Roblox With Performance Stats On And The CPU Usage Went Crazy.

I have this phone for 2 years now since I bought it at February 23 when it was released, got lots of freebies came with it at launch. It's working just fine for basic tasks like assignments and casual gaming like pubg, ml and Lol.

The only problem I have is that the power brick that came with this phone is now not working properly and the cable is now deteriorated that you can see the wire, but no problem with the battery whatsoever.

In 2019 this was a good low budget phone at a price of 6,990 Php, but today phones in 6,990 Php totally crush this phone in specs.

  • JJ

the model of this phone is MRD-LX1 as well as LX2

I have this phone since November 12, 2019, it's still working fine for me and yes it have google. As for me it's not good for games with such high graphics and space, I'm not into photography but this phone can capture the moon from afar by using pro mode in cam, sadly it can't be updated to android 10, overall the phone is good for it's price if you want it to use for a daily normal basis.

  • Anonymous

I used this phone since released until now. Not good in gaming especially codm but i still play and make it legendary haha but this shit is good in real racing 3 and i enjoyed it. This is perfect for daily use not for gaming imagine this is 2yr old and still alive haha

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2021im using this phone and its still rock since the dayi bough... moreI can play ml in high graphics with minimal lag, but it is still depend on the Internet provider that you are using and apps that are installed

  • Ben

Its a good phone for its price. I've been using this phone within 2 years and still functions very good.

  • Anonymous

MLUSer, 25 May 2020To this phone, this 2020 is not for playable for the games ... moreim using this phone and its still rock since the dayi bought it. i can play mobile legends and im on the mythic2 now hahaha

  • Anonymous

Kim, 15 Jan 2021I had this phone since it was released and I'm telling... morenormal people never stand for weeks ,but you are using it for two damn year ,,,,hmmmmm,logic???

  • chan

Kim, 15 Jan 2021I had this phone since it was released and I'm telling... morebasically you don't know how to use pro mode.

  • Kim

I had this phone since it was released and I'm telling you, DONT BUY THIS! The camera quality is not good, it was low light. I look like sh8 when taking selfies. Also the back camera sucks! So blurry. This phone has a lot of bugs!! it takes ages to load for everything and sometime it stops. The only good thing about this phone is it's speaker. It's pretty loud.

after almost 2 years of using this, i couldn't click the upper side of the phone. it doesn't fuction anymore.

hope this review helps

  • JC

Mau, 25 Nov 2020Not good for gaming because the processor and ramYou are commenting on a phone release 1 year ago, of course, the hardware is already outdated. What are you expecting?