Huawei Y9 (2018)

Huawei Y9 (2018)

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  • Obiyo
  • p@I
  • 12 Aug 2022

I bought this phone in 2018 and I still using it. And it's still have a stronge battery

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    • uditha
    • teu
    • 12 Jul 2022

    a friend of mine & I got 2 phones same day in 2018
    it has been an excellent phone till today

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      • uditha
      • teu
      • 12 Jul 2022

      a friend of mine & I got 2 phones same day in 2018
      it has been an excellent phone till today

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        • mh7goforit
        • QBk
        • 07 Jul 2022

        I am using this phone since May 2018 and it has served me well. Played mobile legends and Cod mobile. It got 1 android update to 9.0 pie. After 5 years the battery is not the same as it was before and low memory warnings are frequent. The phone had no major issues and performed well through the years.

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          • Pansu
          • teq
          • 07 Jul 2022

          yep, 07 Jun 2022Been using this phone since July 2018. Its absolutely great... moreSame for me. A great smartphone

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            • Umair
            • 6Pd
            • 27 Jun 2022

            Anonymous, 21 Mar 2022It will support fast charging Does it support fast charging or not

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              • yep
              • YWi
              • 07 Jun 2022

              Been using this phone since July 2018. Its absolutely great except for the camera which is now a bit slow. But won't complain as its been 4 years and everything else is perfect!

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                • Anonymous
                • u14
                • 21 Mar 2022

                It will support fast charging

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                  • m rajpoot
                  • uZa
                  • 14 Feb 2022

                  it doesnt support lte 2CA
                  main camera is 13MP only
                  main draw bacj its has Kirin proccessor
                  you cant modify network bands settings. like mediaTek ir Qualcom based phones. not flexible hardware most manfacturer customized phone.
                  now i m buying Xiomi phone.
                  dont waist money on Huawei Phones and modem routers. Technically Huawei products are costly as specification and support services.

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                    • Tan
                    • g3B
                    • 17 Dec 2021

                    I love this phone ❤️🔥 no issues and got lot of updates over the years.

                    I used Y9 2018 for 2 years with no issue.And gave it to my mom and my sister always watch Kpop till it becomes so hot and even till it becomes closer to zero and charge always and phone is hot.

                    And exactly an year ago the battery got bloated and screen suddenly came off 😅 And I replaced it to an Original battery from a store.
                    And just today again I can see it bloated and I'm so sad and heart broken 😭 I think it's not the phone's fault.It's the way that my sister ruins the phone 😡

                    Don't give phones to teenage girls.They don't know what how hard It is to earn and get a phone.And most women don't love their phone or take care of it properly.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • PEq
                      • 15 Dec 2021

                      Anonymous, 02 Dec 2021Me tooHuawei y9 2018 model, is this first charger set

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                        • Anonymous
                        • v{u
                        • 02 Dec 2021

                        Anonymous, 17 Sep 2021using for 3 years, battery, camera, sensors all still worki... moreMe too

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                          • Anonymous
                          • MEQ
                          • 17 Sep 2021

                          using for 3 years, battery, camera, sensors all still working good

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                            • Arshad
                            • PVt
                            • 09 Sep 2021

                            Victor , 25 Jun 2021Can i upgrade it to anriod 10? No

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                              • Muhammad
                              • uZa
                              • 18 Aug 2021

                              I have that phone but half screen touch are not working plz suggest me how to recover it

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                                • Christos
                                • NuU
                                • 26 Jul 2021

                                The phone is good but it doesn't read when you try connecting it to a computer using a usb cable.. Plus it has signal problems, when I'm on a call the other person won't be hearing me properly.

                                  • V
                                  • Victor
                                  • r3a
                                  • 25 Jun 2021

                                  Can i upgrade it to anriod 10?

                                    been using this since 2018/04/10 up to now no issues may be the storage is kinda not enough other than thar this is a good phone well i can gurrenty thar this phone can be use for may be nother 6 to 7 months anyways hats off to huawei ❤

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                                      • Nina
                                      • 9am
                                      • 10 May 2021

                                      Been using 3 years since it came out. Had to replace screen but till now it still performs well perhaps the memory make me feels like not enough!Now my screen has broken again but still using without replacing it about a year and still fine :))

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                                        • hassan
                                        • 6Qk
                                        • 06 May 2021

                                        taredu, 08 Apr 2021Been using this for nearly 3yrs since 2018. got slow after ... moreyou need to remove games from your mobile then you feeling good in proformance