Huawei Y9 (2018)

Huawei Y9 (2018)

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2021using for 3 years, battery, camera, sensors all still worki... moreMe too

  • Anonymous

using for 3 years, battery, camera, sensors all still working good

  • Arshad

Victor , 25 Jun 2021Can i upgrade it to anriod 10? No

  • Muhammad

I have that phone but half screen touch are not working plz suggest me how to recover it

  • Christos

The phone is good but it doesn't read when you try connecting it to a computer using a usb cable.. Plus it has signal problems, when I'm on a call the other person won't be hearing me properly.

  • Victor

Can i upgrade it to anriod 10?

been using this since 2018/04/10 up to now no issues may be the storage is kinda not enough other than thar this is a good phone well i can gurrenty thar this phone can be use for may be nother 6 to 7 months anyways hats off to huawei ❤

  • Nina

Been using 3 years since it came out. Had to replace screen but till now it still performs well perhaps the memory make me feels like not enough!Now my screen has broken again but still using without replacing it about a year and still fine :))

  • hassan

taredu, 08 Apr 2021Been using this for nearly 3yrs since 2018. got slow after ... moreyou need to remove games from your mobile then you feeling good in proformance

  • Pasan

Been using from 2018 October. This is the smartphone I had for the longest time. Still works decently enough considering battery life and performance.

  • taredu

Been using this for nearly 3yrs since 2018. got slow after android 9 update. but performs decently well.

  • me

I bought this phone on July 2018 and it still works exactly the same. No lagging, all its specifications are still as new.

  • y

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2021Please I want to know how much is huawei Y9(2018) in d mark... more215$

  • Anonymous

Worst phone i ever owned, after one year the fingerprint sensor suddenly stop work, and after three years now, the performance drooped 50% and the internal memory 75% full, with the same apps i install when new, never buy a Huawei smartphone again.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2021Still using after 3-4 yrs. I already drop this multiple tim... morePlease I want to know how much is huawei Y9(2018) in d market now now,
Before I buy ooooh

  • Anonymous

Still using after 3-4 yrs. I already drop this multiple times that Idk how many times. The battery is still solid and the phone too. The phone performance is still good since day 1 up to now. No problem so what's over. Overall it's a good phone for normal use. Gaming performance is not satisfying depends what games do you play. Mobile Legends is also good for this device

  • Raxi02

Well, here's a review from me. I've been using this phone for 2 years i think i bought it soon as it relased its going all fine if you are not a heavy user.unfortunately i think pubg will not be able to play well with this one but others like mlbb and lol are going ok. But not with high setting.performance is normal and sometimes it delays when ram is full.for a normal user it is and speaker are bad compare to phones these days.battery is fine and it will last one day at most.The problem is no fast charging and you'll have to charge it like 2 or 3 hour to full charge.In my opinion, I'm ok with this phoe because I'm not heavy user and it work well.and it has google service.I heard there are problems but mine is doing fine at all.Tbh I should buy a new phone but i think it will last next year rating will be 2.7 out of 5 lol

  • Rex

Pasindu, 05 Feb 2020is this mobile used 15 mins for offline games is it heat to... moreNope

  • Fnorel

majidson, 08 Sep 2018Unfortunately, this cell phone does not support LTE Cat 6. ... moreYou sure? Couse i googled and i saw its cat6

  • Anonymous

bro y9 2018 is android pie