Huawei Y9 (2019)

Huawei Y9 (2019)

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  • Kai.1
  • sxr
  • 4 hours ago

This was the best budget android phone I had. It lasted me for about 3 years. It's good for gaming and the battery lasted well (2019). This was really a good phone but it died since google support was out of huawei. On its last days the display popped off but still works nice you just gotta put some tape on it. It's so nostalgic.

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    • Anonymous
    • uRB
    • 28 Jul 2023

    Anonymous, 23 Dec 2022Does it support 5G?no

      Fully Agreed with you bro, Huawei(s) are something else!

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        • Huawei lovers
        • IWV
        • 12 Jul 2023

        Usman ghani, 04 Jun 2023Huawei y9 outstanding experience no fault at all not even b... moreI'm agreed with you.

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          • No man just AI
          • YWi
          • 03 Jul 2023

          This phone 📱 is the best phone in the world. its display fall apart but still it works by just putting some tape. i can see the phones battery but still it works .the half of the phone is just tape it still works 💪 and it has no problem with charging no problem with the camera even it was kicked like 100000000 times there is literally a giant hole on side of the phone I can see the light but it still works as new. 👍 great invincible phone. Kinda greater then others.

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            • Roy
            • L1w
            • 27 Jun 2023

            Yuguparu, 25 May 2023I hav been using y9 for about 3-4 years.. Quality wise its ... moreThis phone does not have a pop up camera.

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              • Dwijendra
              • 56E
              • 24 Jun 2023

              I m using it for 2019. It's amazing phone. No matter of change.

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                • Usman ghani
                • u1v
                • 04 Jun 2023

                Huawei y9 outstanding experience no fault at all not even battery issues.. Using from last 5 years still i am loving it.. Came here to see opinions of others.. Wanted to change for new buy didnt find any.... Does not appeal any to me at all.

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                  • Yuguparu
                  • U{h
                  • 25 May 2023

                  I hav been using y9 for about 3-4 years.. Quality wise its super amazing.. Except the pop up camera. After using 2-3 years its pop up camera is not working. But its main camera is working with the help of some apps. Otherwise this is too good for long term use. No battery problems, no hanging problems,. I enquired about the issue of pop up camera, its saying that the camera pops up only at fixed number of times.. I think i used it too much. Eventhough i like Y9❤️

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                    • Dr Dwijendra Vallabh
                    • 56E
                    • 22 May 2023

                    I have this phone. I really love it. I m having it since 4 years. Its amazing. Never avoid it.

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                      • Bogart
                      • y6V
                      • 14 May 2023

                      Ive been using it for almost 5 years it stil in good condition although I drop it many time and drop in water. There are few scratches on the back I dont know where it come from since I dont remove it in its case. I think my battery had been degraded cause I use it while charging. Now Im planning to buy Iphone 11 for upgrade. I love this phone but I dont recommend it in this year there are other phones that has better specs than this. Im not a hard gamer nor a soc med user. I just use this a casual event and play some light games

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                        • Khan
                        • mTW
                        • 08 Mar 2023

                        Anonymous, 29 Nov 2022With Huawei y9 2019 you are good to go any time any day I am sharing my personal experiences it's too much good as compare other model in the same year and right now it may be not available in market but it's price is 350 emarati dirham. Then you convert in dollar,
                        I advise you for simple using its a better choice

                          Kil, 08 May 2022Huawei y9 2019 works 4G but doesn't work 4G LET why? Now has the VoLTe update

                            36Shotz, 15 Oct 2022Huawei Y9 (2019) has decent screen resolution, good camera ... moreLatest updates,now allows VoLTe or Vulte HD calls...

                            I've always had a very good response when I'm making WhatsApp or any video calls for that matter.

                              Hello, 26 Feb 2023I'm using the phone since 2019. No problem at all. Per... moreWhich apps?

                                The complaints you're having are just too many to be a brand new phone you bought.

                                Phone is still my daily driver for the last 4 years. I've been very careful with the battery. I don't leave overnight to charge, and it lasts for most of the day, switching off usually by 4pm if I'm not with my power bank.

                                Like you all know, it's not gorilla glass, so it has scratches but it's survived a major fall, cracking the screen but it still works. I'm not a gaming person, yet it serves for virtually anything. Still has decent pictures too.

                                It's crashed (got a virus or something) once, and lost essentially all the data on the device, but most were restored as I'd saved them on Huawei cloud and Google... Most of my stuff was still safe on the memory card too.

                                Also recently, after updating it to the last one before the crash, (9.l.0 396) , I found there's another update for it. at 2.9gig

                                Anyone seen this or received it?

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                                  • tuh
                                  • 26 Feb 2023

                                  I'm using the phone since 2019. No problem at all. Performance all good. I love this phone so much. Battery still ok. Camera is good. Everything is good. But it can support until android 9 only. Some apps now asking me to upgrade new device.

                                    I had the UAE version (JKM-LX1)
                                    Kirin 710 with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage
                                    Stuck on Android 9 unfortunately
                                    Camera quality is okay 6/10 compared to an iPhone
                                    Gaming performance is okay too but triple-A games will stress the device
                                    Battery life is excellent
                                    Sadly I lost this phone walking home

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                                      • isolated
                                      • D9X
                                      • 16 Feb 2023

                                      i just purchase my Huawei Y 9 smartphone.i cant go thru the configuration process because all the text are in Chinese script.
                                      How can I get the instructions in another language (english or french)?
                                      thank you for your assistance.

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                                        • Lex
                                        • fuf
                                        • 28 Jan 2023

                                        Saber , 04 Jan 2023Same experience, now battery performance is not good.Go to system update and see if there are any updates. Update the phone and The battery will return to normal performance. I was experiencing the same problem but when I updated it. It normalised