Huawei Y9 (2019)

Huawei Y9 (2019)

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  • Anonymous

Well the performance has been great over the fast few years buh the only one issue I have with the phone seems to be the battery. Over time the battery just dies out faster than usual , the percentage shown will ur phone is on is different from the percentage shown while ur phone is power off during charging
And many more issues

Does any share a similar thought mine??

  • Salamon

i bought it 30nov2018 and still rocking like a star with no problems.
great phone

  • Anonymous

Hey guys,
Have anyone of you got that pop-up message in settings app saying "settings need an update, the phone will restart" ?

  • Ehsan

Hi guys
One of my friends wants to buy a phone with these under details:
It should be
1.compact (under 6 inch)
2.under 400$
3.have a great camera
4.have a good battery life (like his current phone which is y9 2019 )
Also He doesn't play games.

I want to suggest iphone se 2020 but is there any other choice?
Thanks a lot

Paul, 30 Nov 2021Still strong and working fine after three years of use. Rel... more3 years?? WOW!!

update, 31 Dec 2021guys i have received an update call HOS with 3.5GB, anyone ... moreWhich country are you from? You're even having harmony OS already? I thought that won't be global until later this year, as most are in beta testing.

And to all those who've hated the device, I have enjoyed the phone for all the 2 years I've been using it. More so with the various phone covers I've bought for it.

It hasn't failed me for work and pleasure. Its just come through.

Can't help it though. Unless the next Huawei midrange has GMS, I won't bother buying. Otherwise, it's been fun, consistent and quite a dependable device.

Recently got a system update for the 1st time since August 2020.

Couldn't find it though. But the phone noted it to be 232kb and it didn't change the configuration on the device. Its still showing

Did anyone get something similar?

hello, me again, I need to say that the JKM-LX3 version has Android 9, the 9.1.0 specifically.

  • Shahid swati

Best huawei phone JKMLX1 I really impressed to used this phone

  • Anonymous

Is excellent phone for work thanks Huawei

  • update

guys i have received an update call HOS with 3.5GB, anyone know about it ?

I have the JKM-LX3 version and the truth has lasted a long time, to this day I continue with it although by magic in the span of 2 years the battery began to inflate aggressively, breaking the back cover with it, so please be careful when doing tasks that make it heat up for a long time and especially keep it with its original charger (although this does not prevent that inflates, will always maintain the device with its respective voltage condition imposed by the company in the creation of the device.

  • Watibe

Very good phone for the price but it starts to wore up after almost 2 years of using(mainly gaming). If you are considering to buy it, try not to press the middle of the volume button as it will break in half and eventually fall off. Wished someone told me this :(

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2021Why can't I download apps on my phone? Does your phone have Google services?

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2021Hey guys, I noticed an option called "Network accelera... moreI did notice. This feature few days ago. However, there are no buttons to click,and it did disappear after a restart.

Anyone using Y9 2019 JKM-LX2 model in the US? I want to bring this phone to my travel to Seattle next month, wanted to order a sim card but cricket as well as mint and tmobile, they all say that the phone model is not compatible with their Sim cards. My device is unlocked and I was bake to use this in Japan and Thailand. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  • Gg

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2021Hey guys, I noticed an option called "Network accelera... moreYes, I did notice that one few days ago. I couldn't even click on it. Then it just disappeared. Could be a new feature.

  • Paul

Still strong and working fine after three years of use. Reluctant to let it go so may use for another year. I hope new Huawei phones will have Google play services or good replacement by then

  • Anonymous

Why can't I download apps on my phone?