Huawei Y9 (2019)

Huawei Y9 (2019)

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  • rex

the only thing that it don't have is radio T_T

  • Falcon

Jackz, 22 Oct 2018Whats the back panel it is plastic or glass?i want to buy t... moreAll phone made from plastic

  • Chiranjeevi

It's cheap and best latest mobile, performance gud, battery also gud

  • Fritz

When ll it be in Namibia?

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2018huawei y9 or Honor 8x which one is superior?8x

  • Jackz

Whats the back panel it is plastic or glass?i want to buy this phone

When it will be available in Pakistan?

  • Anonymous

huawei y9 or Honor 8x which one is superior?

  • Bannan

EGH, 19 Oct 2018when will be available at Egypt ?End of October

  • Eric

mistake of the parameters of front and rear camera.

Should be
Front : 16+2
Rear: 13+2

  • monir

Few web site show Non-removable Li-Ion 3900 mAh battery. what is actual mAh?

  • Hamshik

Bought one yesterday. Amazing phone For price, only downfall is no quick charge but battery easily lasts a full day.

  • Aiwa

Y9 2019 or Honor 8x??

confused with this same specs!!

  • Gsadaka

Weak flasher, in one week already freezes once but overall it's not bad for now

  • Ilyas

All ready got y9 Superb phone

  • Anonymous

Huawei y9 2019 or Nokia X6

  • Leo

Rasha, 18 Oct 2018Do you think this Y9 2019 is better or the Nova 3 ? Please... moreY9 - screen 6.5,battery 4k, emui 8.2,

when will be available at Egypt ?

  • Namerder7

Does it support OTG??? and does it have notification led??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2018the phone does not support dual band wifi, it couldn't dete... moreSorry i meant excellent wifi reception, this phone costs $244 where i live + a free 128gb microsd card (with a didcated slot for the microsd card .. thumbs up for that) .. amazing battery life and amazing performance .. it is an excellent example of the best value you can get for what you paid for.