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i-mate JAM

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  • Khan

is there any way we can have gps on this phone??

  • NM

xmax, 27 Aug 2009is wi-fi availble in this phone?yes it is, u need a wi-fi card for it, it fits in the memory card slot

  • xmax

is wi-fi availble in this phone?

  • shahid

helo bro. can some one plz tel me a software so i can send flash sms using this phone . i ve tried flashsms available on net but it doesn't work dunno y. plz helpp. ur_heretic11@yahoo.com . thxxxx

  • jay

is the imate jam can do wireless internet

  • Faraz

Is WiFi available in this phone ?

  • mirza


  • @§§h0L3_g@L0r3

Mazi, 07 Jul 2009I love this phone. But i have a problem with it. When i con... morei suggest you go search google for the CD software for your phone. you have internet dude. c'mon.. gimme a freaking break.. =)

  • yosra

hi i need software to my phone i-mate jam becouse i need to enter to internet but it don't enter soo please i need new software to my phone please give me it thanks 4 u

  • babydoll

Mine is useless coz i dropped it once and in coming call is not functioning anymore when i brought it to the shop where i bought it for fixing they told me they will send it outside the country coz parts not available in this country.So my i-mate jam is sleeping long time in my drawer...sigh...and i bought it for 2000+riyals.

  • Sadiq

you have to install Microsoft ActiveSync From the site of Microsoft.com

  • Sadiq

you have to install Microsoft ActiveSync From the site of Microsoft.com

  • teo

You need to install Microsoft ActiveSync to mach your computer;) good luck

  • Mazi

I love this phone. But i have a problem with it. When i connect it to my computer...it says that i should put the CD(which i have lost). So if anyone who reads my letter and thinks they have an answer which wont waste my money ...kindly let me know : Mazi_md@yahoo.in

  • Romeo Z.

I have a I-mate jam silver.....my problem of my mobile is this...i buy a new battery becouse the original battery is already defective, when i change it...still not working my mobile....sometimes i charge it for almost 3hrs. maximum...then i try to open my mobile the ON/OFF switch is not responding..but when i unplug the batterry charger to my mobile it sunddenly open without pressing the (ON/OFF ) switch and one thing...is always asking the installiation process everytime i open it and only 3 to 5 minutes the maximum of the battery then suddenly shutdown so i have to charge it again...My Question is; What was the main problem of my i-mate mobile and what is the best thing to do? it is my software problem or battery problem? Pls! I hope you will response this concern..PLS! Thank you...You can e-mail me at ...rmzuniega@yahoo.com

  • Taher Uddin

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2009Yes, you can install software for PDF files from freeware a... moreI have a one I mate Jam Mobible. But the mobile con not match with my computer. So i need software. Please solve the problem... Thanks Taher

  • khuram jamal

realy good mobile

  • dushanthi

i have a i-mate jas jam phone. it has a problem, i want to clear that problem. when i switch on my phone its only appearing starting command, it cant do work futher , now i want to know ,, it lost sortware or if not how can repair it please considder it thank u

  • Anonymous

Please tell if there is a speakerphone in imate jam.

Haris Masood


  • shadi

plz tell me how i installe programme from internet to my i mate jam in my email chaj2003@hotmail.com