i-mate JAQ

i-mate JAQ

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  • anbu

if any one want HTC USB modem driver setting to connect internet request to my mail id given here. i will send it.

  • Anbu

Yesterday i bought this mobile after very long decision. After getting this am very happy with this features at cheaper rates.
Iam very much happy to use internet via Mobile GPRS. its medium faster like Dial-up connection. both touch screen and full keypad is giving both the options. It is purely business people. am not worried about camera options. after using this all people like this PDA very much. If you want windows moble at cheaper rates with good configuration go for it.

  • RichardC

What a shame, I have no problem with his size, the fact that it has no camera, no wifi but I cant stand running out of power after charging the unit all nigh.
So far this unit did all kind of weird things from day one and I'm scare of it, I cant rely on it, I dont beleive that it will last for a whole day at work without doing something dum, I was oblige
to reset the unit at least 10 time since I have-it, I'm trying to change some settings
to see if I can make-it worth keeping,
if not I want my money back cause I need something relyable.

Richard C

  • rahul

bets best of the best phun in pda form....
batry goes upto 3 dayzz and headphun quality is bettr then ipodzz...
screen is tooo guudd

  • Vinny

i got this phone a few months back....all i can say is it serves all my purposes and thats exactly what i needed. Def get a mini sd card. couple of bad things is the speaker(it should be louder)and no WIFI. Other than that its GREAT!! may look like a brick, but that gives u a big screen and roomy keyboard..you have to be a real girlie man with extremely small hands if you can't hold it in your hands. So far for me it is a fantastic PDA and phone. Ideal for most business professionals.

  • vinay

i bought it yesterday after comparison with E61 and i am happy i chose this phone. Its just superb be it touch screen, keyboard, or other functionalities. Hey in business who wants camera!

  • Anonymous

just got mine great smartphone imate u r the best i dont know wht htc says lol got mine at popularelect.com good price

  • abhijeet

I am interested in purchasing this phone. I want to know two things about this phone. First, the sound quality as i will listen lot of Mp3 music. Secondly its external memory How much it supports.

How is the batter backup. If someone can tell me the price in India that will be grt.

  • keshav

this phn is awesome,

i have bot it 2dy ...

this has great features.

excellent clarity

nice touchscreen

nice sound

best of its kind qwerty keyboard..

this phn rocks

as for me this phn is a great help nly cz of its keyboard ,cz i have to type loads of msgs...

cya n i hope u njy

its best in its price n who needs a bloody camera

  • AD Robinson

HI friends, i have just purchased JAQ today. please help me out with some do's and donts and pro's & con's That would be great help

  • perera

On the whole, how is this phone? Is the OS functioning well? Any major complaints?

  • Anonymous

It's bulky, all right but also surprisingly light. As for the lack of the camera I'd agree with most who say that an inbuilt camera in a cellphone is more of a nuisance than a benefit...it drains the battery, produces grainy images and is pretty much pointless.

As a business-phone, it needs wi-fi and a more responsive OS. Otherwise it's perfectly fine. The keypad, the touchscreen and the joystick are superb.

  • ogboriefor

this is a functional phone. as long as it has bluetooth and infrared, transmission of data would not be a problem. above it all, the os is mobile windows 5.0 which is what interests me most. it also have a functional keypad for easy typing. kudos to the makers

  • ugly


  • abubasim

This would've been perfect if it included a camera... but as it doesn't I'll go for the SE P990 instead.

  • Victor

looks like a Blackberry rip-off.

And why the screen is so tiny?

  • Anonymous

The upcoming SAMSUNG SGH-I600 makes all competitors literally obselete and pre historic.They are in trouble and already were.This one is also a non seller.

  • Anonymous

What no wifi? A camera I can live without, but no wifi is inexcusable in todays world of connectivity. Skip this phone and get a Nokia E61, its a much better phone with a much more stable unbloated OS.

  • David-www.univercell

I think, boys shout stay out of business area.
This mobile is meant for business.Business people hate cameras. Generally, Employers likes this kinda mobiles and Employees hate this.
So understand better what to post and where to post.

  • baski

Operation part in the key pad is difficult