i-mate JAQ

i-mate JAQ

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  • TF

Someone finally came out with a business phone WITHOUT camera with Mobile 5.0 .I work in the Development/research area where we are not allowed to carry cameras arround.
Now I can switch to get my E-Mails while I'm on the road.

  • Anas

ugly, i would not carry it for free,
i dunno why they make such products

  • Anonymous

I-mate just bulid this phone for their mates who feel pity for this heavy, old tech & ugly phone...

  • Gaurav

look at the size of this brick. keys are well placed. could have done wit better processor.

  • Anonymous

Ugly, bulky, no fashion, Bad spec. What else can you ask for? I will pay max of $50 of this phone.

  • simon

these are business phones not your latest sony fashion phone and cameras ect are of very little use to your average business man.but i am suprised no wifi which is quite important on a phone like this get a nokia e61 instead though.

  • California Wireless

What's i-Mate thinking? In a world where high end phones come with camera/video, high end phones like this MUST have those features. I'd definitively buy one if it had those extra features.

  • Anonymous

I dont like it, old technology

  • SID

Its more like a game pad WITHOUT ANY GAME,
overall its good for nothing

  • Anonymous

i am the first man to review and its a fully flop mobile.