i-mate SP3i

i-mate SP3i

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  • Willy
  • myV
  • 09 Jan 2005

I bought this phone yesterday from businessmobiles@yahoo.co.uk for £179 on pay as you go. its the damn cuttest phone ive ever seen, small too and really powerful. i can use programs that are designed for pocket pcs and its fast too, 200mhz processor. the good part is they threw in a free 128mb card for storage. long live mp3's

    • z
    • zeeshan
    • jcq
    • 04 Jan 2005

    its a`class phone

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • 26 Dec 2004

      whats the maximum amount of memory that this can take ?

        • V
        • Vivek
        • 24 Dec 2004

        I think its the best phone available as of today, beat the shit out of the Nokia's & Se's...what SE started doing to Nokia HTC/Imate/O2 will finish it, by giving beter products at cheaper rates...way to go HTC...

          • g
          • gigel
          • 17 Dec 2004

          nice phone,
          no flash thus, i wonder how windoz work on this set ...if it's like xp...then forget about it

            • b
            • bigbob
            • 16 Dec 2004

            looks like a S E