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i-mate SP3i

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  • Nzomkunda
  • NXy
  • 07 Oct 2012

I have some problem on my handphone when i try browse internet does not work,so please i need helper because i like very much my hand phone Qtek...anyone whom knows how to connect please contact to me by email:allynzomkunda@gmail.com

    • I
    • I am in zimbabwe and
    • 0wq
    • 07 Jul 2012

    Pliz provide us with spares in Zimbabwe,mine is broken down and i have nowhere to get the spares

      • o
      • oliver power
      • Ttf
      • 07 Jun 2012

      I don't have any special opinion, but I have a problem with my my mobile phone i-mate sp3i.I have lost my original battery and I want to change also its mobile cover.so,how can I get them? Please I really need yor answer.here is my address.oliverbafukila@yahoo.fr

        • D
        • AnonD-55066
        • fnA
        • 16 May 2012

        my phone hung when you switch it on and does not send photos to the internet.my battery is spoiled and i do not have a charger. my keypads also do not function properly.I like this phone and if you could be of any assistance i would grandly accept it.

          • A
          • AS Kalis
          • fuH
          • 06 Jun 2011

          My lovely phone is broken at the back,sim holder and back cover.where can I get spare parts,please help I like it, it's great

            • W
            • Waver
            • iFs
            • 08 Feb 2011

            One of the best phone Ever.. really great one!

              • f
              • frank
              • NHH
              • 06 May 2010

              my 8020 screen is broken and there is an important message on the screen which I urgently need, p'se advice on how I can get that Message or can I load the software and read it from my PC. thanks

                • M
                • Munya
                • Iad
                • 23 Apr 2010

                My keypad is not working.the navigator button is also brocken. where cn i get a new keypad

                  • B
                  • Benher
                  • 3YY
                  • 26 Mar 2010

                  Is it possible to downloads the contact nos and meassages stored in SP 3i to my PC. If posiible then please advice me.

                    • V
                    • Valentin
                    • p3y
                    • 17 Feb 2010

                    big francis, 16 Jan 2010hi imy screen is spoilt how do i get a new screenCan you tell me if you got a new display for imate sp3i? If yes, where did you get it from? Thanks!

                      • b
                      • big francis
                      • fue
                      • 16 Jan 2010

                      hi imy screen is spoilt how do i get a new screen

                        • B
                        • Bruce
                        • ftI
                        • 05 Jan 2010

                        Not too bad for a smartphone user,but i think there is one drawback and thats the camera,for sure this phone needed a more powerful camera and 3G to compete well in the same league with it's peers.
                        Otherwise the Windows Mobile
                        interface looks just fine.
                        Personally i would go for a Symbian S60 now though i would have liked the i mate SP3 if it had a good cam and 3G...

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • vj1
                          • 15 Dec 2009

                          Awad, 04 Nov 2007the mouse of my i-mate sp3i doesn't work !! no up,down,righ... morewe have d same problem, you must change the mouse of your phone

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • vj1
                            • 15 Dec 2009

                            sumesh, 15 Oct 2007Hi, Can somebody tell wether the LCD of the phone can be ... moreyes you can change the lcd of your phone

                              • R
                              • Ramamurthy K
                              • vGk
                              • 27 Jul 2009

                              ishq, 15 Apr 2009how do i set da mp3 ringtone can some on help me?download the latest firmware from imate.com it also supports java

                                • M
                                • Mohammed Nazrul
                                • Rxd
                                • 28 May 2009

                                My sp31 not working properly

                                  • i
                                  • ishq
                                  • nCb
                                  • 15 Apr 2009

                                  how do i set da mp3 ringtone can some on help me?

                                    • i
                                    • ishq
                                    • nCb
                                    • 15 Apr 2009

                                    is themes available for this mob?

                                      • n
                                      • nit
                                      • 2SR
                                      • 02 Apr 2009

                                      how to sent datas using bluetooth in i-mate phones of
                                      model SP3i

                                        • d
                                        • dennis
                                        • Nxs
                                        • 05 Dec 2008

                                        i have a problem with bluetooth each tyme i receive
                                        a message from phone via bluetooth it doesn't appear