i-mate SP3i

i-mate SP3i

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  • L
  • Linda
  • imk
  • 29 Oct 2008

How can i set up my i-mate SP3i phone online? And how do i set up the internet?

    • B
    • Ben Avor
    • fue
    • 27 Oct 2008

    my sp3 has been freezing every now and then

      • b
      • bevan petersen
      • Nxs
      • 25 Aug 2008

      why can i not connect to the internet,my sevice provider says i must contact imate for the settings,why is this?why are the settings not made available?

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • vnF
        • 15 Jun 2008

        Hi there just brought me one of these phones off trade me but it seems to have a code on it can you tell me where i can take it to be looked at

          • r
          • reecie
          • AeF
          • 06 Jun 2008

          I find very good and easy to use BUY ONE

            • l
            • léonce
            • MNx
            • 30 May 2008

            why can't i have a network on my smartphone

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • Na$
              • 16 May 2008

              my blue tooth dont work WHY???????????

                • R
                • Rak
                • P$p
                • 27 Mar 2008

                Hi, when I use my Airtel card on my Sp3i, it does not recognise it as Airtel but rather as skycell and also am not able to call many networks. do I need to make any change pls..would be great if someone could let me know.

                  • m
                  • masauso
                  • NHM
                  • 24 Dec 2007

                  flight mode how do you jst get it to swith it off?

                    • a
                    • abrar
                    • w4Y
                    • 14 Dec 2007

                    guys.............cool..cool..not only u evry1s mouse;s r not workin...only thing good 4 u is sell it...bcoz if u go more late u will get somewhere around 2000,go now n get 4000 not dollars...but rupees

                      • A
                      • Awad
                      • iAj
                      • 04 Nov 2007

                      the mouse of my i-mate sp3i doesn't work !! no up,down,right and left . should i change it or it should be cleaned ? and if i want to buy a new mouse , how it will cost me?

                        • s
                        • salihmuhammad
                        • PDT
                        • 29 Oct 2007

                        my keypad stripe is demaged can some body help me

                          • s
                          • sumesh
                          • vwt
                          • 15 Oct 2007

                          Can somebody tell wether the LCD of the phone can be changed.


                            • k
                            • kim
                            • PQ5
                            • 09 Oct 2007

                            i had a i mate jasjam. Only 6 months old. i recently had problem 2 weeks ago. The phone suddenly tell me the phone connection is not active and no phone service. The screen would freeze and i cant turn OFF or ON the phone when i press and hold the Power ON OFF switch unless i taken out the battery and put it back on again.
                            i also notice the standby green light on the top of the phone isn't flashing.
                            please help me somebody, there's no one here to help me on this small Island.
                            thank u for trying to help mate.

                              • e
                              • elsie
                              • Nxs
                              • 11 Sep 2007

                              please help me i cant get this thing of flight mode please any one

                                • E
                                • Ettiene
                                • N7$
                                • 30 Jul 2007

                                Hey guys, if you need vodacom setup cab. email me at et_bass@hotmail.com and i'll send it to you. It works perfectly and sets up mms & gprs.



                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Nhd
                                  • 19 Jun 2007

                                  I will never buy I-mate agian my sp3i is horrible the longest period it has worked is a week I-mate doesn't seem to care. The joystick and keypad fell of the bluetooth isn't working it turns off at random.

                                    • b
                                    • badboybush
                                    • Nhd
                                    • 10 May 2007

                                    The phone is good but is not supported by any network coverage for GPRS. Better use MTN in S.A. and configure your data connection. Email me if you still have problems with GPRS connection.

                                      • l
                                      • lucas
                                      • Nxs
                                      • 05 May 2007

                                      the phone is rite but i am also strugling to set it for gprs on vodacom

                                        • a
                                        • ashley
                                        • NaW
                                        • 03 May 2007

                                        i've used this phone for 2 years.was my first smartphone and loved it but has tons of problems.the joystick has broken 2 times and keypad doesn't work properly any more.it drops signal and calls often.its often freezes too.cant send anything via blue tooth