i-mobile 902

i-mobile 902

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  • AnonD-376834

God of camera phone..
But i sell it off coz laggy sware and keep freezing when calling

  • Stevie

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2010so i bought this phone about a year ago.. it shows up tmobi... moreFirst of all, don't start off a sentence with the word so.

  • adarsh

whats the password of security


Anonymous, 12 Jul 2009It's not LED flash, and in fact, real flash. (great camera ... moredear this was great i don't waste words, i need the i mobile 902 battery at any cost... i am staying in india.. so plz help me on this..

  • Anonymous

so i bought this phone about a year ago.. it shows up tmobile on the home screen but my phone stays on a blank screen 2 seconds after i turn my phone on and when i push buttons it doesnt do anything.. what can i do to fix it?

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone about 3 years ago on ebay when it was one of the very first 5 mp camera.
First of all, the camera is very, very good... great quality pics.
The video recording, however, is junk.
It feels solid in the hand, the screen is beautiful (though small), the buttons feel plasticy but tight and secure.
The only real complaint is the operating system. The user interface, whatever you're doing, is pretty laggy. There is a good 1 second delay from when u press a button till it registers. This doesn't seem that big of a deal but it gets annoying, sluggish UI.
The processing power must be very weak because it also takes a while to load long list of items (such as text messages... it can only hold about 200-300 texts and it takes a long time to load them when you enter your text inbox).
The speaker volume is LOUD... though not crisp clear, but its okay.
Really the only reason to get this phone would be for its camera and its cheap price. Other than that, the slow UI might kill your interest.

  • sayed

hi my brother presented this mobile for my birthday.this mobile s so good i like very much but i want to know the price of this mobile if any one knows please tell me

  • mukdaru

i like camera of i mobile 902 nice but i need batray n casinng oricinal

  • Vichana Sar

Tell where i can buy I-mobile with 10 Megapixel

  • Vichana

I like camera so much
so i dont need to buy Camera
Mp3 is great
if full battery ok 4 hours full play music

  • Anonymous

It's not LED flash, and in fact, real flash. (great camera btw, too bad the camera's the only good feature about it, and its durability.)

  • Vichana Sar

Camera is great
MP3 is great also
Video is good
but video quality recoder is not good
Bluetooth is not good

  • Anonymous

if you want a vga screen, go get hte Sharp 904SH

  • Ong

I bought this hp the 1st time ut came out in thailand and till today it last.Fell off my pocket while driving my bike and had to search it back using my friends bluetooth to search for it and it's still usable.No complains at all about this hp.My longest serving hp and the best i've used this far.

  • abubasim

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2008screen is too small for a 5/8 mp phone..pittyYou mean the screen is too view 5/8MP photos at full size? What you need is a phone with a VGA display and a VGA camera! :D

  • Anonymous

screen is too small for a 5/8 mp phone..pitty

  • funkyto

camera is really really great in every aspect except the video quality cause the sound that is recorded is very bad although it is recorded in vga resolution with 30 fps through the speaker sound is very loud i don't like joysticks at all but this is exceptional i got it for 7 months and there isn't any problems with the phone the thing that i don't like is that there is really small amount of memory for java only about 220 kb

  • enzo

Patrick , 17 Aug 2008after you transfer to your PC or print out, you will know t... moreCan you tell me how I can transfer my pictures from the phone setting storage to the memory card. I can't get the pictures out of the phone setting to my computer

  • abubasim

Shou Ji, 18 Sep 2008Samsung SCH-B600 with 10 Megapixel CCD camera, autofokus, 3... moreShame that the SCH-B600 was a CDMA phone. If it could operate on GSM networks then I would be ready to pay a fortune to get it! As it is today, the i-mobile 902 is one of very few CCD camera phones still available, and looking at samples from the new 8MP CMOS camera phones (SE C905, Samsung i8510) the i-mobile 902 still rules.

  • Anonymous

Shou Ji, 18 Sep 2008Samsung SCH-B600 with 10 Megapixel CCD camera, autofokus, 3... moreCannot understand what is the meaning of those information. please explain it. may be u r rite. it is not a prefect phone. samsung might better than that but i nvr try it before, but did you try it before? Also compare to the product launching time and also the price. this is the best of mobile phone camera at tat time. even N95 also cannot compare with 901's night shoot.
i m no here to fight with you or just simply counter back your post. just cannot stand those who know google some information and post it online. thanks