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i-mobile 902

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  • Shou Ji

i902user, 17 Aug 2008hi 902slave hows things man? hope the 902 serves u well the... moreSamsung SCH-B600 with 10 Megapixel CCD camera, autofokus, 3X optical zoom, Xenon Flash also release in 2006 too.
Samsung SCH-B600 have real 10 megapixel camera, not interpolated by software.
Samsung also the first to introduce the first camera phone in 2000, the world's first 5 megapixel camera phone in 2004, and the world's 7 megapixel camera phone in 2005 (it's mean Samsung SCH-V770).

  • Anonymous

i am really satisfied owner of this device.i have just got mi first impressive phto samples with it. really rocks!!!!

  • Anonymous

I like this phone very much, my only problems are that the sound quality when recording video on AVI is poor, I use 3GP, also it does sometimes "Hang" remove the battery and replace it again and this sorts it out. Mp3 sound through the speaker is great, the cammera is so good I've stopped using my Cannon! Can anybody tell me how to Download MP4 video films?

  • i902user

902 slave, 14 Jun 2008yah this phone is the best compared to other like nokia 82 ... morehi 902slave hows things man? hope the 902 serves u well there !! ;) yeah totally agreed with u guys. and those who think this phone is bad...aahhh come on u're just jealous of it and who knows u aint have it but u're dying to have 1!! LOL oohh gosh, got to admit that the quality of the pic taken by this baby is still the BEST !! and this baby is born around 2006 ago...huh imagine that !! still...until today, non of the expensive camera-phone able to beat its picture quality! even if yes, hey...the 902 been crowned earlier than 'em all! cheers to all 902 user! gracias!

  • Patrick

after you transfer to your PC or print out, you will know the picture quality is VERY GOOD,when go travelling i just carry my I-Mobile 902.colouring my life

  • i-mobeli lover

haha nice name rite?? guys u can get it in BLUE CUBE MALAYSIA so wait for wait go now and get 1 for urself....

  • I-mobile lover

tejas..for my oppinion nothing is perfect in this world so accept it.. ur looking for cheap phone but u wan the best. the money u have onli can buy kancil but ur looking for a BMW spec u think wat paper made ar??

  • kenny lam

good ... i totally agreed with shahril the phone is amazing i like it so much!!!! the polinto is ridicullas. CRAZY..

  • shahril

Dear polinto for the oppinion that u noted there i totally no agreed with that. for the camera and features that i get is tottaly good and simple .maybe ur using the ap model or ur using 2nd model so u face this kind of problem.to most of the ppl here feel that i-mobile is good and the price is reasonable. OK???

  • Polinto

All i-mobile phone sucks and the features are just so lousy. I think it is a waste of money to buy this phone.

  • Tejas

camera is awesome....but apart from it .....it sucks....!!

  • vmr

I Used this phone for a year.Its a great camera phone,Exceptional camera.Phone features are pretty normal,Voice quality is good but the signal strength is average.Value for money.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2008real flop in Thailand, we cannot even find it in the shops ... moreMaybe because it's two years old?

  • Anonymous

real flop in Thailand, we cannot even find it in the shops today...

  • Anonymous

it's camera is great

  • 902 slave

i902user, 07 Jun 2008Hi all, just to share my experience on this phone...got to ... moreyah this phone is the best compared to other like nokia 82 i wish this phone can be shifted to the philippnes i definitely buy this phone with no regrets...i dont need the big size with
lots of feature what i need is a small phone but a superb picture quality beacause im a journalist i can carry a phone at the same time
a camera...to...

  • i902user

Hi all, just to share my experience on this phone...got to agreed and yeah, the camera quality is the BEST (so far yet) in the camera phone's world. 5MP with its CCD Sensor, u're actually "carrying-a-camera" with you wherever you are! Quality wise is comparable with just any level-entry digital camera in the market, which is precise, clear and yet noise level is acceptable. Both the Normal and Macro mode picture quality are superb as well! Plus its Xenon flash lite is another big help in low/dimmer light environment. Speaker is loud and clear too, be it for ringtone or playing mp3. Surprisingly, its Video Recording quality is poor...nothing to shoutout about.

As for the rest especially its functionalities, it's quite common and it did not have any advance or fancy stuffs with it. UI is not responsive as agreed and pointed by the users, and forget about fast transfering bitrate especially on a large size file via its bluetooth to your PC or other devices! Rather use its provided data cable.

My final words, it's a good yet simple phone with superb camera quality. Built quality is good and solid as well. Imagine...a low-end phone + a level entry 5mp Digital Camera ;) cheers!

  • abubasim

The world's best camera phone - at least when only considering photo quality. Unfortunately the overall quality of the phone, especially the software (slow UI, poor support for synching with PC) brings down the impression.

  • Nutzu

I had this phone for few weeks,to be honest is a good phone but still i-mobile needs to work on the sofware part,bluetooth suck the transfer goes to slow,camera is good on the picture side but video not that good,true is 30fps but sound is very bad,the phone accept only 1GB memory,i contact customer service to ask them about an update and told them about some bugs,they said that this phone doesn't needs update loool very unprofessional,i-mobile need to work more on this if they want to sell phones outside Thailand.