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  • Anonymous

cybermind, 08 Jan 2015sorry dude; but like you got a bad one. I have no such prob... moreI recently purchased a ice mobile phone and had to return once because of freezing while texting or just maneuvering through the phone. I'm so disappointed and I paid $700 of my currency. I was told i had too many apps but i don't i only have whatsapp no games or music or even wall papers so i don't know why this is happening. Please address this if it's a common problem thanks.

  • cybermind

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2012I purchase the phone 2 weeks ago from store in Miami. I was... moresorry dude; but like you got a bad one. I have no such problem. Only issue is the overheating battery during games and now after 8 months the battery does not last longer than a day.

  • cybermind

AnonD-8850, 22 Sep 2014512 rom an ram? lolhi triple x; not sure where you got your info but you most obviously do not own one. This phone has 1GB RAM and 2GB H/D.

  • Will

I now got a ICEMOBILE,now don't get me wrong it's a nice phone but the gosh dam thing starts to over heat when making a call or playing any games. What the hell any body out there having the same problem

  • infernos

Fantastic phone...only lacks in popularity...but fools will catch on later....hail blu and ice

  • AnonD-8850

512 rom an ram? lol

  • Anonymous

I bought ice mobile prime, last year, now I'm going to find me a 5.2" or 5.5" some where in that rang,,first time with ice mobile,an no problem ,I love it now it's time to move up a lil higher....

  • lee

Anonymous, 28 May 2013This phone have no parts. Please think twice when you purch... moreLiar this is the best mobile in the world

  • Anonymous

This phone have no parts. Please think twice when you purchase IceMobile phone.

  • vk31

this phone is a waste of time and money it is definitely beautiful in design and i think the camera is outstanding but this phone automatically shuts off,there is a lack of memory and when you need to use it you have to take out the battery and place it back after 10-15mins,,,,beautiful but useless

  • Anonymous

I purchase the phone 2 weeks ago from store in Miami. I was excited at first glance, but when I started to use the phone there is issue with memory and power switching off. You would down load an app and when you come back a few hours later the app is no longer installed. With the power issue it will switch off, and the only way to turn it on is by removing battery for a while and then putting it back. I wasted $180.00. The phone has amind of its own

  • hirdesh

thats nice but not so effectiv its look like china mobi

  • Jack

I am also using this phone and in the begining I also face low memory problem. Finally find out solution for this problem. Please go in setting and choose Manage application, choose download and click applications which you downloded. Please move all applications which you downlode to TF card. Also clear Cache. I hope all users of ICEMOBILE GALAXY PRIME will get benifite from my experience.

  • User

I bought this phone 2 weeks ago at RM750 and am very disappointed and feel like cheated. The phone always show low phone memory and hang.

If you are considering to purchase this phone, you can forget it.

  • Anonymous

ice vert, 04 May 2012yes its 2 sims and its about 06,000What currency is this 06,000?

  • Monkeyflowz

Looks Nice. Like the screen size..but come on 650mhz!! even gooapple is quicker

  • Anonymous

galxy? its not even close to any samsung original galaxy series this is a piece of crap

  • Anonymous

Amazing.. unbelievable, seems like there is no competition with this phone, this is a $500 device for under $200.. it is not going to get better than this.. thank you ICEMOBILE

  • dipak

where do i find it in India

  • Anonymous

this is a peice of crap nt a phone. 650 MH processor??? thats not even matching 3 years ago tech