IDC: smart wearable market slows, Apple Watch widens lead

Peter, 05 June 2018

It was a slow quarter for wearables – IDC’s latest report shows that the segment grew only 1.2%, reaching a total of 25.1 million units. Higher-priced smart wearables from Apple, Fitbit and fashion brands did show promise, however.

Apple Watch shipments grew 13.5% year over year as the cellular version of the watch expanded to new markets and carriers took to it with enthusiasm.

Xiaomi is in second in terms of market share, but it took in only 1.8% of the money – it has the lowest average selling price of the Top 5 brands.

The Versa enjoyed some success and helped Fitbit maintain its third spot, despite a sharp decline in shipments (nearly 30%). Female-focused health tracking features have proven popular and are used by over 2 million users.

Huawei and its youth-oriented sub-brand Honor hold forth place with a wide selection of smartwatches and other smart devices that cater to anyone from kids to fitness enthusiasts. Huawei’s market share doubled compared to last year, though its success remains mostly constrained to Asia.

IDC criticizes Garmin for being slow to adopt the features of other smartwatch platforms, but launching Garmin Pay and music playback did increase the popularity of its products.

Company 1Q18 Shipment Volume (in millions) 1Q18 Market Share 1Q17 Shipment Volume 1Q17 Market Share Year-Over-Year Change
1. Apple 4 16.10% 3.6 14.30% 13.50%
2. Xiaomi 3.7 14.80% 3.6 14.60% 2.30%
3. Fitbit 2.2 8.70% 3 12.20% -28.10%
4. Huawei 1.3 5.20% 0.5 2.10% 147.00%
5. Garmin 1.3 5.00% 1.1 4.60% 9.10%
Others 12.6 50.30% 12.9 52.10% -2.30%
Total 25.1 100.00% 24.8 100.00% 1.20%

Interestingly, smart clothing saw a solid 58.6% growth year over year, though it’s still the early days – smart watches and bands account for 95% of the smart wearable market.



Reader comments

Apple is still strong even if it's very expensive as hell!

  • Kangal
  • 05 Jun 2018
  • uCX

Again.... where the heck are the Circular Apple Watches? The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier still has the best hardware, but you're stuck with Tizen. You get a better AndroidWear 2.0 with the Huawei Watch v1.0 but the hardware is not as nice. I simp...

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