IDC: smart wearable market slows, Apple Watch widens lead

05 June 2018
Xiaomi holds second place by number of units shipped, but it barely got 1.8% of the total revenue because it has the lowest ASP of the Top 5.

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Apple is still strong even if it's very expensive as hell!

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    • Kangal
    • uCX
    • 05 Jun 2018

    Again.... where the heck are the Circular Apple Watches?

    The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier still has the best hardware, but you're stuck with Tizen.
    You get a better AndroidWear 2.0 with the Huawei Watch v1.0 but the hardware is not as nice. I simply don't like the round digital watchfaces on square watches, it might look "okay" on the renders but in real life they are an eye-sore.