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Infinix GT 10 Pro

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  • KZ8
  • 02 Mar 2024

Bought this phone last year on September 2022 for my birthday. For me this phone is good for daily use. I dont use this phone for gaming & dont have any issue with battery draining

    This phone is amazing - equal or rival Samsung latest A25 and 2 yrs-old A52s

    I've ordered it online for under 7K php - will let you know once I get it on feedback.

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      • Al
      • KiN
      • 14 Feb 2024

      Ion even care this phone is crazy good

        Aj Ocleda, 28 Jan 2024who tf thought this phone would get 26gb ram 💀Who thought 26gb ram was possible 💀

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          • Ramiz pathan
          • CbJ
          • 12 Feb 2024

          Not for long time gaming. Hanging issue 😭

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            • BimBim
            • thw
            • 06 Feb 2024

            please upgrade AOD feature not only 10 seconds

              who tf thought this phone would get 26gb ram 💀

                Anonymous, 03 Dec 2023I have the same issues, mine with brand new 64gb sandisk sd... moretry cleaning the contacts of your sd card. it may work

                  the poco x3 pro successor. not the x4 pro with portable hotspot chipset

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                    • Boltfast29
                    • YUU
                    • 16 Jan 2024

                    Issues of draining battery fast? Solution? Just lower your brightness and put on 90hz. You will see a difference. Use 120hz if your going to game. Believe me, lower your brightness will make the battery last longer ( I know some mfs put on max brightness and complain about the battery draining fast. Don't lie to me )

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                      • AnonD-1135714
                      • pJd
                      • 25 Dec 2023

                      Hzzif, 25 Dec 2023That's the Zero Ultra It's confusing.. Realised that if u buy 512GB or 1Tb only then you will get big charger
                      If u order 256gb u will get 180w

                        AnonD-1135714, 21 Dec 202345w wired charging?? ar u sure? shouldn't be with 260W ??? That's the Zero Ultra

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                          • Gann
                          • bJb
                          • 24 Dec 2023

                          Imzi, 15 Dec 2023I also use this phone. Base on 1 month experience, yes, thi... moreDepend on country, the proper midrange smartphone that can take heavy duties is either POCO F5 or POCO F5 Pro, and the pricing is not much higher than this GT 10 Pro. Also POCO F5 or F5 Pro with Snapdragon processor, apps are more optimized

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                            • Abid suhel
                            • YQy
                            • 24 Dec 2023

                            Every thing is ok but mera infinix gt 10 pro me ek paroblem hai 5G connect nahi ho raha hai aur jio company se baat karne par wo bolra hai hai ki aapka headset 5G compatible devices nahi hai . Only the major problem

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                              • AnonD-1135714
                              • 39x
                              • 21 Dec 2023

                              45w wired charging?? ar u sure? shouldn't be with 260W ???

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                                • GRC
                                • 8BH
                                • 18 Dec 2023

                                someone know about the eu declaration of conformity for a infnix gt10 pro x6739 (or similar such as: united states-fcc, canada-ic, brazil-anatel, taiwan-ncc , hong kong-ofca, japan-mic or china-ccc-co.) ?

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                                  • Imzi
                                  • ibe
                                  • 15 Dec 2023

                                  Zal316, 12 Dec 2023My infinix gt 10 pro battery drain very quickly, been using... moreI also use this phone. Base on 1 month experience, yes, this phone has issue in drain battery too fast.

                                  Common issue that most of user always 24/7 time use 120hz display. enhance your display can drain the battery actually so just edit the mode for daily purpose for 90hz. and only use high frame rate (120hz) for gaming. Optional where most game play in 90hz can be satisfied. Gaming more than 4 hours straight using this phone can produce massive heat.
                                  Simple solution, use fan cooler at the back. or play in the AC room.

                                  This phone also cannot be comparible to other gaming flagship phone, where open 6 application and above still can the battery not drain too fast so, the solution, u just need to alert your phone only open 1-2 application at the same time for saving the battery practically..

                                  Yeah, with the current price, Cannot to give so high expectation. But as user, still satisfied with the upper mid-range phone and saving lots money.

                                    My infinix gt 10 pro battery drain very quickly, been using it for about 3 months now. Does anyone encounter the same issue as mine?

                                      Anonymous, 20 Nov 2023I have issue when using 512 gb microsd, it kept dismounted ... moreWhat it means is that the phone is no compatible with the 512GB or maybe the maximum storage it can take is 400GB or 256GB.

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                                        • Shahid
                                        • YQ$
                                        • 03 Dec 2023

                                        Anonymous, 10 Oct 2023How's infinix phone durability in general? I don'... moreCan I use this phone for 2-3 years will it become unusable after 1 year