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Infinix GT 10 Pro

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  • Anonymous
  • wrt
  • 03 Dec 2023

Anonymous, 20 Nov 2023I have issue when using 512 gb microsd, it kept dismounted ... moreI have the same issues, mine with brand new 64gb sandisk sd card. But when i try with my old 32gb sandisk sd card which is almost broken (can't delete/format) it's detected perfectly fine idk why.

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    • Anonymous
    • Kik
    • 20 Nov 2023

    I have issue when using 512 gb microsd, it kept dismounted everytime the device locked and screen turned off like 10 minutes. Tried with 256 gb microsd and i never encountered that. Both microsd bought from samsung official store recently. Also tried the 512 gb microsd on different phone and ot works flawlessly.

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      • Owie
      • xjH
      • 18 Nov 2023

      When we charge it with the original charger, the screen becomes goshttouch... why does that happen? Has anyone experienced something similar?

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        • AltairIbn
        • vxX
        • 18 Nov 2023

        My only problem with this phone is the heating issue (i suggest using phone cooler), and the build of the phone itself.

          I just bought it at total of 899 MYR or $192. Great deal for the specs (probably the best 899 I've spent!).

          The design is captivating. Backlight works in every games I've tried. I love the aesthetics of it. The phone is surprisingly light and I don't mind the build quality.

          One useful feature is the bypass charging. I can basically play games with unlimited hours without using or heating the battery lol (this feature should be available on other gaming oriented phones like Poco or iQOO imo. Shame that they mostly don't)

          The battery backup is nothing to write home about. With usually 7 hours SOT with mixed usage. Charging with bundled 45W is very quick. From absolutely drained to fully charged at exactly 1 hour.

          Yes, without using bypass charging it does heat up the phone. But this is expected. It still doesn't overheat or throttle too much though. I can easily run Genshin Impact at 50 frames with full graphics. CarX Street seems to run smoothly too, with easily around 35 to 50 frames.

          Display is gorgeous for the price. 120hz (although doesn't feel that 120hz smooth), deep blacks and overall decent (if not very accurate) color reproduction. It looks vibrant enough.

          Cameras well urmm.... Great main cam but video recording have mostly noisy results especially under low light. It also tends to be oversharpened at daylight.

          The UI looks very gaming oriented (though, heavily customizable!). Multitasking was a breeze, and support for picture in picture even for YouTube app comes very handy.

          So much interesting things comes from this package. Good job Infinix.

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            • Abdul
            • CbI
            • 16 Nov 2023

            Heating issues
            5-8 hours only charging backup

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              • Shaibani
              • 7}P
              • 09 Nov 2023

              This phone is amazing and the best among the rest, also the looks & specs are great. In ksa it cost from 999-1500 sar.(in store & online)

              Purchased a couple of months ago online as a gift to my daughter.
              And i need to buy again, this time, for me! 🤓

                Anonymous, 10 Oct 2023How's infinix phone durability in general? I don'... morei own an infinix hot 10 as a work device. so far so good. it works, only the power button is missing. otherwise, still runs fast to this day even though stuck in android 10😅😅

                  between vivo y35 and oppo a77s has the same price as this phone. comparing those two with this is just 100 miles away.

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                    • Gt10
                    • tu6
                    • 29 Oct 2023

                    Aesthetic Fighter, 28 Oct 2023This phone have best performance, but is sometimes it heats... moreThis is as like flagship phone...if u want buy it... U need buy fancooler too.. However performance is very good

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                      • Anonymous
                      • mFd
                      • 28 Oct 2023

                      Adam , 10 Sep 2023Can someone reply my comment , is it good for Call Of Duty ... moreOfcourse bro COD:M is a small game

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                        • KZ8
                        • 28 Oct 2023

                        Anonymous, 27 Oct 2023Infinix GT 10 pro vs Tecno Pova 5 pro. Which is actually be... moreThe Infinix win in many places blud.AMOLED screen,lighter weight,thin bezels,better chipset,more storage,better camera and its got a under display fingerprint.The Tecno only wins in the charging speed tho

                          This phone have best performance, but is sometimes it heats up quickly and overhit for hot back body issue and has a wasteful battery life, So if you want to use this phone comfortably, just a fancooler is enough, which is suitable for experienced use

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                            • SyrianTech
                            • LeL
                            • 28 Oct 2023

                            Anonymous, 23 Oct 2023brought this phone 3 days ago, great performance, heating i... moreI hope to read more about your experience with the phone , am a gamer and considering buying this phone ! Been searching about this device 'cause my budget is limited nowadays so I need to make sure it's worthy enough !

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                              • Anonymous
                              • mFd
                              • 27 Oct 2023

                              Infinix GT 10 pro vs Tecno Pova 5 pro. Which is actually better and they both seem to be gaming machines, i like their pricing and i also like the LED lights on their back covers

                                Anonymous, 10 Oct 2023How's infinix phone durability in general? I don'... moreI bought the note 10 in January 2022, the phone is absolutely okay, no problem at all. The jelly case is already yellowish,the only problem is charging cable is unusable but adaptor okay

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                                  • infiniding
                                  • tui
                                  • 26 Oct 2023

                                  Use this phone for almost 2 mths, almost a prefect budget gaming phone. It's back cover heat up quite easily coz the cover is thin and can improve the heat dissipating. Performance not bad for a mid range phone with antutu score of around 680k...quite decent for the price you paid...dimensity 8050 is a rebrand dimensity 1200 but still a decent mid range cpu...

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • XPh
                                    • 25 Oct 2023

                                    using this phone from 2 month almost , it has bit hitting , use cooler and battery draining issue and if you can deal with it . it will be the best choice than poco .
                                    I never recommend poco , it dies and for its cheap components .
                                    but this phone is really satisfying .

                                    a rebranded flagship processor with dual 5g
                                    the design
                                    ufs 3.1
                                    45w charging speed
                                    dedicated os

                                    no fears to update like miui
                                    no fears of greenline 1+

                                      hasdy, 22 Oct 2023i just bought today. So far great performance bro.. :)Ok, but where did you get it?

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • XTk
                                        • 23 Oct 2023

                                        brought this phone 3 days ago, great performance, heating i think is normal, back cover feel so thin, this might be why you can feel more heat faster than other phones.