Infinix Hot 11s NFC

Infinix Hot 11s NFC

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  • Anonymous
  • I@H
  • 24 Mar 2024

Got this phone last April 2022, been using it until now, but there's an issue of restaring wh ever I'm scrolling thru social media and even opening the camera and flashlight, the technician said it was battery fuse and it is common on the battery that us used in this device and other infinix device, I would say, buy other smartphone if you have budget, but if you only afford this one, still it's okay

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    • Chongke gods
    • vaS
    • 15 Nov 2023

    Got this phone in 0ct 2 2022 so far no issue im still waiting for update it has some mild heating issue when using it for too long.

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      • wohoo
      • sxr
      • 08 Nov 2023

      I have this phone since sept 2022, never updated the system and still the best budget phone ever still no issues

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        • Iii
        • Hkn
        • 29 Oct 2023

        IgorS, 20 Dec 2022Does anyone have had issues with the audio in videos? In... moreTry Open camera app on playstore I have this app and i use it for video recording, it has a option on how you want to record your audio. Just put it to "optimized for voice recognition" and youre good to go.

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          • Anonymous
          • sEB
          • 16 Oct 2023

          Buy this phone since march 2022 , its still pretty for now , but it have some overheating isue.

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            • Cuan
            • XWs
            • 13 Oct 2023

            Finger doesn't work, or is there another setting?

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              • weewoo
              • X@V
              • 29 Sep 2023

              joseph bourne, 16 Sep 2023Just had my Infinix Hot 11s fail completely after 2 years o... morecap.. it announced feb 2022

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                • joseph bourne
                • y6V
                • 16 Sep 2023

                Krrenite , 06 Sep 2023Exactly. This phone has a big issue, after an year of usa... moreJust had my Infinix Hot 11s fail completely after 2 years of use. Just like yours, it started bootlooping until it completely went off. I was initially impressed by this phone when I bought it, but now I completely regret buying it. Waste of money.

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                  • Krrenite
                  • gMB
                  • 06 Sep 2023

                  user, 29 Jul 2023Good specs for a budget phone, but after a year of use i en... moreExactly.
                  This phone has a big issue, after an year of usage - this phone starts showing some sign of bad health.
                  In my case - it started bootlooping - i checked on the internet and this issue is all over it.

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                    • Clarence
                    • thg
                    • 27 Aug 2023

                    A Decent phone,

                    I have been using it since december of 2022, the battery lasts for a good while, like 7 hours with low brightness, the processor is fine for 2023, still fast, almost never lags, mine currently has no problems,
                    Yet, Camera quality is good, not the best but not too shabby, i think this is actually a very decent phone for its price, but is out beaten by the note 30 and redmi note 12 price wise, other than that i actually recommend this phone.

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                      • Mike
                      • XMh
                      • 27 Aug 2023

                      I have encountered an issue where i can't connect to both wifi and mobile data even the wifi hotspot wont turn on if i do try the phone will restart automatically and it keeps saying and i think the only way to fix it is Reformat the phone and since i cant connect internet i couldn't save all my files so cloud. This is the last time im buying a infinix phone im switching to samsung

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                        • Martins
                        • XBx
                        • 30 Jul 2023

                        I was surprised to see such bad reviews from 90% of the people using this phone. I've been using mine for 9months now and it has served me perfectly, it is still as fast as when I purchased it, it has good storage which can actually be expanded with an SD Card, most of the glitches might be due to not updating the software as I've noticed that lack of updates sometimes makes it to malfunction, but once you do that, you're good to go. Although I don't play heavy games like COD or PUBG. If you're looking for a nice phone with a good camera and speed. Then this phone is the one for you!

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                          • user
                          • vaQ
                          • 29 Jul 2023

                          Good specs for a budget phone, but after a year of use i encountered this problem where it just go boot loop and wont turn on, went on groups to see if anyone encountered the same issue and discovered a lot of 11s users got the same issue, battery problem, need to change or remove the fuse

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                            • Gino
                            • I@H
                            • 20 Jul 2023

                            Worst phone ever i experience

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                              • Markus
                              • I@a
                              • 20 May 2023

                              The fingerprint scanner suddenly stopped working. Also gone in Settings after a restart. Turns out there has been cases like this on other people. Fortunately I only use this as a secondary phone.

                                Ganial, 21 Apr 2023How to remove the bloat wares?just delete them

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                                  • Ganial
                                  • tx3
                                  • 21 Apr 2023

                                  to the moon, 25 Jan 2023and also, xos has bloatwares that you need to removeHow to remove the bloat wares?

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                                    • Iuser
                                    • sxr
                                    • 12 Apr 2023

                                    IgorS, 20 Dec 2022Does anyone have had issues with the audio in videos? In... moreBought this a few months ago, for 125$ been using this as daily driver and it's good for the most part, it's good, camera is decent defo not the best but it's decent... OS is decent too, can get a bit laggy sometimes and not fast, like when opening from home screen to all apps drawer when I swipe up then down again it won't go down unless it's all opened all the way, gaming, I play CODM and it's pretty decent can get hot sometime after 3 full game of BR mode bit of framedrop from time to time and my most hated thing is that when I tap on something it won't register, like it infuriates me when I'm in the middle of the fight shooting someone then I decided to slide but then it won't slide or when I try to shoot but when I tap the shoot button it won't register! Been killed numerous times because of that shit and I hate it. That's about it ty for reading.

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                                      • Infinix user
                                      • vgM
                                      • 02 Apr 2023

                                      Brp, this phone is so suck. The battery in 14 month after use it normally still dropping out faster and faster. Absolutely suck, the fingerprint is gone after a many restart in just 6 month using it.

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                                        • IgorS
                                        • Lmr
                                        • 23 Mar 2023

                                        Anonymous, 20 Mar 2023Hi what's the latest version of your update?mine I hav... moreWeird, I have mine for 6 months more or less. You should have received the same updates. So far, I have March 1, 2023 google system update and February 1, 2023 security update.