Infinix Hot 11s NFC

Infinix Hot 11s NFC

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  • vgM
  • 02 Apr 2023

Brp, this phone is so suck. The battery in 14 month after use it normally still dropping out faster and faster. Absolutely suck, the fingerprint is gone after a many restart in just 6 month using it.

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    • IgorS
    • Lmr
    • 23 Mar 2023

    Anonymous, 20 Mar 2023Hi what's the latest version of your update?mine I hav... moreWeird, I have mine for 6 months more or less. You should have received the same updates. So far, I have March 1, 2023 google system update and February 1, 2023 security update.

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      • Anonymous
      • sxr
      • 20 Mar 2023

      IgorS, 09 Mar 2023My phone got a new update yesterday and I noticed a bit mor... moreHi what's the latest version of your update?mine I haven't update yet since I bought it last year.
      Hoping for ur response

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        • IgorS
        • Lmr
        • 09 Mar 2023

        My phone got a new update yesterday and I noticed a bit more of fluidity, the camera app seems faster and AI correction is now automatic and works with 50MP quality turned on. Significant changes in post-processing of photos, but there's a delay and you need to hold the phone stable for 2 or 3 seconds.

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          • IgorS
          • J$s
          • 09 Feb 2023

          Joy, 23 Jan 2023Why Fingerprint (rear-mounted)? 🤣Wrong info. I have the phone and the power button also serves as fingerprint.

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            • Godspower Ifokwe
            • X5u
            • 08 Feb 2023

            Nice phone, highly recommendable

              and also, xos has bloatwares that you need to remove

                Ahmad, 24 Dec 2022This phone is great for me..n worth to buy.. before use tha... moreactually its not called redmi os, its miui, its used in xiaomi, redmi, redmi note and poco phones, and yes, redmi 9 has bugs bc of the ui itself, the miui 13 has a lot of bugs

                  Joy, 23 Jan 2023Why Fingerprint (rear-mounted)? 🤣it scans your whole finger same thing as in-display, rear mounted is from 2018 i guess, the only thing i hate about in display is that your finger sometimes doesnt register while the phone has a screen protector

                    ali abbas, 24 Jan 2023which is charging typeusb type-c

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                      • ali abbas
                      • 6Px
                      • 24 Jan 2023

                      which is charging type

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                        • Joy
                        • tEZ
                        • 23 Jan 2023

                        Why Fingerprint (rear-mounted)?

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                          • Anonymous
                          • x{6
                          • 18 Jan 2023

                          Theres a bug when you frequently get ghost touch in playing games only

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                            • Userr
                            • t7X
                            • 10 Jan 2023

                            Just upgraded from vivo y11, and this phone is good for me, I've used this to play cod mobile and it Performa well on mp and br. Smooth, can get frame drops but not that often. And budget friendly, good storage, don't expect much from the camera tho.

                              It's very good for gaming and storage.has bugs often tho (ex. Phone not turning on when I press the power button,screen lags)

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                                • Idayz
                                • tA$
                                • 24 Dec 2022

                                Recomend ,cheaps,powerfull ,i love bug
                                Camera night mode is great.
                                I play Mobile legend HFR ultra.

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                                  • Ahmad
                                  • tA$
                                  • 24 Dec 2022

                                  This phone is great for me..n worth to buy.. before use that phone, i use redmi 9 many bug for redmi os ..
                                  I play Mobile legend can HFR and ultra graphic.
                                  Camera night mode is great
                                  Play game 2 hours worm not hot.
                                  XOS is unique OS i love this OS. Easy setting.and i not need update OS. Still yummy OS on android 11.
                                  8 months with this phone. No bug etc. Yummy OS between MI OS..
                                  Recomended. cheaps. greatfull

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                                    • IgorS
                                    • P02
                                    • 20 Dec 2022

                                    Does anyone have had issues with the audio in videos?

                                    In many occasions, when I tried to record a video with too many people talking or even a band playing live, the audio captured in video is an absolute mess, with noises and metallic sounds. I tried different camera apps but the result is still the same.

                                    If anyone here knows how to solve this, let me know, please.

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                                      • SPYWARRIOR
                                      • DxV
                                      • 15 Dec 2022

                                      after losing fingerprint it also auto restart boot looping.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • t7R
                                        • 13 Dec 2022

                                        Dont buy this phone big L lol so many many many manyy bugs like in recording soun joystick and many more fingerprint lost rip though soo pls dont ways your moneyy to this phone: