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  • Asad

just purchased
I am a user of Samsung phone and I have Samsung a51. I lost my a51 so I want/required same specification device.believe me Infinix note 10 price is half in front of Samsung a51 or a52 but it is much better due to phone price is more economical.

Infinix Note 10 is budgetary quality amazing 2 speakers in built which produce amazing sound result outstanding...
Even I check durability video on youtube scratch can be implement if rough use must use protector both side,but the screen quality excellent not break...
Not wasting your money if you choose this.

Ankit kumar, 29 Oct 2021Phone is very good at it's price !! But problem is th... moreFor ₹10,410 ($138, €119) I paid, YES simply cannot ask for anything more. That too for the higher 6/128 GB memory variant of Infinix Note 10.

The biggest plus of this phone is it's efficient and moderately powerful Mediatek Helio G85 SoC with 6GB RAM. You get a good IPS LCD display for its price. Battery life is excellent on this phone. The stereo speakers are a joy to listen. The phone is targeted to be a multimedia powerhouse. The Note 10 is like jack of all trades, but master of none. I like this trait and rate this phone over Techno Pova 2.

The Pova 2 is all battery and less phone. Pova 2 & Note 10 uses the same base design but Infinix have done it right by not sacrificing dual speakers and in having a better built. To me anything above 5000 mah on a phone results in an unusable thick brick like Pova 2.

  • Ankit kumar

Phone is very good at it's price !!
But problem is this doesn't support। "where is my train app" all features properly. Also doesn't support koo app properly, where as I can use these both properly in my samsung phone .

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2021Infinix Note 10 or Infinix Hot 10S?Infinix Note 10 is obliviously the better and more balanced phone. This the reason why Note 10 is more expensive than 10S.

I am using the 6/128 GB memory variant and pleasantly surprised by it performance. It is one of the most polished product Infinix have produced till date. It is not too heavy but has a respectable 5000 mah battery and big full HD phablet size screen which is great for multimedia content. If only it had Widevine L1 it would have been even better.

Also no unnecessary ads on the Note 10, a big plus.

  • Shehab

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2021Infinix Note 10 or Infinix Hot 10S?+1

  • Anonymous

Infinix Note 10 or Infinix Hot 10S?

  • User

Phone battery improved after the latest update.

  • lubinda liwilu

Nobi, 30 Sep 2021Best phone ever from infinix I was also worried to buy inf... moreJust bought the Infinix note 10. It's awesome.

  • Sam

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2021Please between infinix Note 10 and Camon17 which one is be... moreI prefer infinix note 10

  • New Dreams

Please between infinix note 10 and Camon17 which one is br

  • Anonymous

Please between infinix Note 10 and Camon17 which one is better in terms of camera quality?

Ankit Kumar , 31 Jul 2021After 40 days here is my review of infinix note 10 Disp... moreRecently bought the Infinix Note 10 at Flipkart Diwali, 2021 sale in India. Paid ₹10,410 ($138, €119) for 6/128 GB memory variant after various card discounts & cashback. The phone usually retails for ₹12,500 ($166), so 17% instant discount without any exchange.

Using the phone for few days now and just awed how much Infinix offers for its price. I wanted a phablet phone and got one. Huge 7 inch FullHD display is very good for multimedia purposes along with those adequately loud stereo speakers.

Mediatek Helio G85 SoC may not win any races now, but will plough the field form day to night. Build on 12nm TSMC fabrication process, the SoC is very efficient. When paired with 6 GB LPDDR4x RAM multitasking is a breeze and have enough overhead left to be future proof for next 5 years as apps gets fatter and more RAM demanding. G85 only supports eMMC 5.1 storage and my phone has 128GB of it. Gets the job done and I can further expand memory with a microSD card.

I am very happy the phone arrived with a modern USB Type-C port and the provided 18 watts charger is fast enough for me. The phone comes with NEG Dinorex T2X-1 glass protection which is good. The weight distribution is very well done for such a huge phone.

This phone is not doubt better all rounder than its sister Techo Pova 2. A phone must not be judged by just the size of the battery only.

it has ""tüv rheinland low blue light certification"(software solution)... whts it??????

can any 1 expln it???????

  • nobi

Amar, 09 Oct 2021In gaming I don't no why but it's doing problem o... moreyeah me too..especially whilr playing pubg
i dont know twahts the problem
is it hardware or software

  • Otte

Dj, 07 Oct 2021You are right worst cameraThe worse camera I have ever seen

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2021My infinix note 10 has a charging problem. It neither decre... moreTry reverse the battery loader,or don't,since it doesn't deacrese

  • Amar

In gaming I don't no why but it's doing problem of multi touch or screen flickering.I claim my phone warranty but the same problems may be software issue

  • Dj

Blessed ke, 29 Sep 2021I love infinix note 10 Performance is generally good Batt... moreYou are right worst camera

Low. You must set birghtness in the middle or high for better display

  • Chuks

jay, 03 Oct 2021is phone brightness level low or good? To be honest it's low compared to some other phones