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Infinix Note 11 Pro

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Badly needed macro camera sensor. Disappointed for macro missing

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    • Anonymous
    • CFC
    • 17 Jun 2022

    The camera suffers over exposure and therefore gives poor photos.
    The older zero 4 has a better camera.
    The dual speakers on Note11 lack Bass, it's just a disappointing phone.
    I won't buy another infinix.

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      • Fenanco
      • Nue
      • 15 Jun 2022

      doesn't support VoLTE

        Saktipada goswami, 01 Jun 2022It's the only reason infinix note 11pro will not avail... moreIn India we have the Infinix Note 11s, which is the Note 11 Pro.

        In Note 11s, the rear camera subsystem is taken from Note 11 rather than Note 11 Pro to keep the cost low.

        All in all I see Note 11s is a killer package if you manage to get the 8/128GB version for around INR 12,149 ($157, €149) during online deals. Throw in a Infinix Snokor wired earphones for free!

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          • Saktipada goswami
          • 7km
          • 01 Jun 2022

          BRAVO, 25 May 202223.0 LUFS is better than iphone 12max speaker 23.4 LUFS. wh... moreIt's the only reason infinix note 11pro will not available in India

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            • BRAVO
            • PGn
            • 25 May 2022

            23.0 LUFS is better than iphone 12max speaker 23.4 LUFS. what do you think 🤔🤔🤔i Like this speaker 23.0 LUFS GOOD 😊😊😊

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              • silvrblu
              • X}k
              • 24 May 2022

              It makes all the sense in the world for me to get this phone as it has the best specs and the lowest price for said specs but it looks like someone vomited on it and doesn't feel comfortable to hold because of its size.

              That is legitimately the only reason I'm not buying this phone.

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                • Anonymous
                • xtS
                • 23 May 2022

                Sparo, 21 May 2022please bro what does an NFC means on a phone?Near field communication

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                  • Abhi
                  • uIh
                  • 23 May 2022

                  Sparo, 21 May 2022please bro what does an NFC means on a phone?it's...near field communication
                  like Bluetooth WiFi etc...

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Yik
                    • 22 May 2022

                    Sparo, 21 May 2022please bro what does an NFC means on a phone?Near field communications.

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                      • Sparo
                      • 84G
                      • 21 May 2022

                      Zakir Saudi Arabia, 19 May 2022No NFC What a sillynessplease bro what does an NFC means on a phone?

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                        • Zakir Saudi Arabia
                        • 6pF
                        • 19 May 2022

                        No NFC
                        What a sillyness

                          Hi guys proximity sensor is must important thin in Infinix while redmi Note 10 series and Note 11 series Havn`t , also infinix note 11 comes with these cam sensors Omnivision OV64C main cam and GalaxyCore GC5035 in depth and Samsung S5K3L6 telephoto and Hynix HI-1631Q selfie ,, price is great with this specifications

                            RishiGuru, 18 May 2022Had the Infinix Note 10 since last year. Gifted it to a fam... moreI won't lie I won't read all that but since you are happy with it and yes some models are value for money at least on paper, I might change my view of it but not where it is now. Meizu and Xiaomi and Realme were much more solid bang for buck at the time, and much more refined.
                            But I respect effort you put to that essay and I am glad you are happy with your phone, and hope eveyone else is.

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                              • Waseq
                              • y08
                              • 18 May 2022

                              Have been using for ten days. It is just awesome. Helio G96 combined with 8GB RAM is providing a great performance with impressive smoothness. Charging speed is superb and no heating issue I have faced yet. Really am in love with Infinix Note 11 Pro.

                                Darknoor, 12 May 2022I agree with everything and said it a million times to peop... moreHad the Infinix Note 10 since last year. Gifted it to a family member and bought the new Infinix Note 11s with 8/128 GB configuration. Price was ludicrously cheap at INR 12,149 ($157, €149), just could not resist the awesome deal going on as normally it retails for INR 16,000 ($206, €196) for the 8 gig RAM variant in India.

                                In India we get the Note 11s rather than the Infinix Note 11 Pro. Both are same except that Note 11s rear camera subsystem in lifted from Note 11 rather than the Pro variant to keep the cost slightly lower in fiercely competitive markets like India. Everything else between 11s and 11 Pro are the same.

                                Note 11s is a great phone for its price as the phone does not feel cheap be it looks, built quality, overall aesthetics & design. On the contrary it feels quite premium for its price bracket. I own a Samsung Galaxy A52s and I will say Infinix's XOS UI is as bloaty as Samsung's OneUI. However you can avoid almost all of the bloat and spammy notifications if you know how to setup the OS from scratch. OneUI is undoubtedly the better UI, eyes closed but XOS is not bad either. It is very feature rich and quite polished.

                                The phone came with Android 11 and I know it will stay with Android 11. I have no issues with that but Infinix in the meantime will go on adding new features and Android security patches. For example with an OTA update I received Memory Fusion tech which is using
                                2 to 8 GB of the inbuilt fast UFS 2.2 storage as an extended RAM. Useless feature I admit, currently followed by all smartphone manufacturers for marketing reasons. I have disabled it as of now.

                                The phone looks classy and that huge 7 inch FullHD IPS LCD display is a joy to view. With 120Hz refresh rate enabled in the phone UI feels fluid. Generally Infinix displays used to have very low display brightness to save cost, but gradually they have been increasing the brightness levels over generations and Note 11s display is ample bright and viewing angles are great. With this big display and dual stereo speakers it becomes a multimedia monster.

                                This phone have better built quality than similarly priced Realme and Poco phones. The hardware is also very well optimized with the moderately powerful Mediatek Helios G96 SoC. Infinix have also optimized their XOS over Android 11 very well as I am amazed with the marathon battery backup it is returning with 120Hz refresh rate always enabled. Standby battery drain is near zero, hence hardware & software on this phone is working on perfect harmony. I give Infinix a lot of credit for this.

                                Presence 8GB LPDDR4x RAM and 128GB UFS 2.2 storage is definitely helping the Mediatek G96 SoC to reach its full potential. The phone comes with dual SIM support and a dedicated memory card slot. With 120 Hz enabled, the very well optimized XOS UI is fluid as butter and fast too. I am amazed as I do not notice any hiccups anywhere while browsing with G96 SoC. I am not a gamer by any way and I do not think it is a gaming phone by any stretch of imagination as Infinix advertises. Instead Infinix Note 11s is a workhorse which is going to take you through the day and perform the daily chores with ease.

                                Call quality & call reception are good on this phone if not great. It justifies its price. It is a proper 4G VoLTE device but supports no carrier aggregation. Camera performs decent for a $157 phone but $200 phones from Xiaomi & Realme have better cameras, The phone charges pretty fast with the bundled 33 watts fast charger. No complaints here.

                                In the end I must admit, for the meagre $157 I paid for Infinix Note 11s, it exceeded all my expectations. I cannot ask Infinix for anything more. Well done Infinix.

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                                  • Zia1
                                  • 6PF
                                  • 14 May 2022

                                  airplane mode automatically on at 12 Am please help me out this problem🥺🥺

                                    Lilmike, 03 May 2022I don't understand when ppl are complaining about upda... moreI agree with everything and said it a million times to people.
                                    But I have to bear with latest Miui devices (the mess really started to show on 2021) because I wanted high specs for a decent price...

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                                      • Palmtreehugger
                                      • 424
                                      • 10 May 2022

                                      Anyone running this phone in the US with ATT? If so, does the wifi-calling work?

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                                        • Lilmike
                                        • CGH
                                        • 03 May 2022

                                        Mr Chalamila, 07 Jan 2022I cant buy such brands. Too heavy they annoy too much when ... moreLol why don't you get the infinix zero series