Infinix Note 12 Pro 5G

Infinix Note 12 Pro 5G

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  • Zpy
  • jAJ
  • 19 Jul 2022

djay99, 18 Jul 2022of course zero 5G is much betterThe 5G doesn't have NFC though while the regular pro does

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    • Air Raid
    • XBA
    • 18 Jul 2022

    how can a phone be called pro without ois.

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      • djay99
      • sEx
      • 18 Jul 2022

      ClintonEmmy, 18 Jul 2022Guys what do you think... I'm a bit confused here bet... moreof course zero 5G is much better

        Guys what do you think...
        I'm a bit confused here between this note 12 pro 5G and Zero 5G.
        Which one between these two is the best for money value???

          • K
          • Khan
          • 6p{
          • 16 Jul 2022

          After the new update... My phone speakers are not working properly and 2nd sometimes mble phone shutdown himself like dead... After pressing power button for 2,3 minutes it restarts again...

            • m
            • mike
            • NvZ
            • 16 Jul 2022

            just want normal phone like infinix note 10 pro with same design and specs (helio g95 and 48mp+8mp ultrawide+ 2 depth) with same price 200euros but plz make screen 720p amoled
            because 720p screen is better for me and for phone and overall for battery

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              • Waditeramon
              • tx4
              • 15 Jul 2022

              Where is NFC?

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                • bone
                • xjH
                • 15 Jul 2022

                No OS update, only 1 years security patch.... ppl buy and using Infinix for 1 or 2 years.

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                  • im big fan
                  • XFN
                  • 13 Jul 2022

                  infinix still sure not to fix microphone quality and add noise cancellation mic

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • 2FY
                    • 12 Jul 2022

                    when it come in bangladesh.

                      Price seems steep, and what the hell is up with those LTE bands, some pretty limited connectivity there.

                        • F
                        • Fiona
                        • TVp
                        • 12 Jul 2022

                        babak, 09 Jul 2022more than 400 euro for a phone with a single band wifi, wha... morebut in the price part, it's 220 euro

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                          • Kizuna05
                          • tDP
                          • 11 Jul 2022

                          Is it 120hz?

                            • l
                            • love
                            • XF%
                            • 11 Jul 2022

                            stop using 108mp camera and put optical zoom lens instead
                            and ultawide 8mp
                            and add noise cancellation mic
                            thats all infinix need to do

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • I1F
                              • 10 Jul 2022

                              When will the phone be out

                                • S
                                • SeperSuzu
                                • y$c
                                • 10 Jul 2022

                                Roedi , 10 Jul 2022Will consider if 8/256 and NFCI recommend you buying the VIP version then as it has 256gb with 8gb ram and nfc

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • KiV
                                  • 10 Jul 2022

                                  sq2013, 09 Jul 2022It's very difficult to say because we know nothing of ... moreBruh, read the news. This phone was only 220 usd. Gsmarena clearly did not fix the price in specification yet.

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                                    • Roedi
                                    • 6cm
                                    • 10 Jul 2022

                                    Will consider if 8/256 and NFC

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                                      • sq2013
                                      • smP
                                      • 09 Jul 2022

                                      Krizza, 09 Jul 2022What do u guys think? Im a student who needs a new phone. I... moreIt's very difficult to say because we know nothing of what your budget is and what you prioritize when purchasing a phone. Personally I believe for the hardware available, this is a bit overpriced at 450 dollars. It's too expensive. Let me know what you feel comfortable spending and what you want from a phone. Do you game heavily, do you want the very best quality photography, do you just do a bit of social media and calls and sms, are you really into the aesthetic side of the phone (does it need to be pretty?). Is almost eternal battery life important? There's just a lot of considerations I have a phone that costs 280 euros and it's amazing but there were some compromises but very few. I have a Poco F3 which behaves like a really high end phone in almost every respect. Value for money is my priority. It's got an average camera but everything else is pretty much flagship standard.

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                                        • Muhammad from Uganda
                                        • fm8
                                        • 09 Jul 2022

                                        Krizza, 09 Jul 2022What do u guys think? Im a student who needs a new phone. I... moreInfinix is a good choice! Good phones at lower prices