Infinix Note 12 VIP

Infinix Note 12 VIP

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  • Yooky
  • JEt
  • 26 Sep 2022

No 60fps in camera 😢😢😢

    Taiwo, 29 Jun 2022What exactly is the VIP about this phone? No IP rating, me... moreSo, go make your own phone!!
    Just stop blabbering aroung with your fantasy~

      Delta Gaming, 30 Jun 2022I've seen alot of people say it's gyro is bad, as... moreIt has gyro with hardware, not by software.
      It's gyro was so responsive, I already try it.

        Vel, 03 Jul 2022How long the software support including security patches?Let's pray, so Infinix can give best update firmware for this phone..
        Till now mine already have 2x update.

          Delta Gaming, 05 Jul 2022Please help me, what's the limit of Infinix Note 12 VI... moreIn my country version with 8/256 variant can handle up to 2TB from official site.

            Anonymous, 16 Jul 2022For 64gb internal memory is 128gb sd card, but for 128 inte... more256GB variant can handle up to 2TB.

              Delta Gaming, 17 Jul 20228gb ram + 5gb virtual ram = total 15gb ram which is goodToo much playing game, until you can't count properly.. XD

                I buy this phone at $242 in my country.
                Best color is Force Black.

                Pros :
                - Bright AMOLED screen + 120Hz
                - Best G96 performance than other same phone using G96!!
                - Has Laser AF!!
                - Multifunction camera (ultrawide can be used for macro lens & have autofocus + big megapixel)
                - Build quality is good (loved the design, especially this Force Black variant)
                - Big storage with UFS 2.2
                - Super fast charging 120W!!
                - NFC support!!

                Cons :
                - Auto brightness is suck!!
                - Low NITS!! (only about 700 nits!!)
                - Battery standard durability
                - Can't use night mode with ultrawide lens..
                - Widevine L3
                - AOD only 10 second!!
                - Facebook bug (my phone can restart many times, so finally I only use FB Lite)
                - Future update software??

                  I hope this type can get updates to fix bad auto-brightness & can make the AOD is really always on, not only for 10 seconds..

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                    • Kofi sly
                    • mFd
                    • 02 Sep 2022

                    Im stl using huawei's 2017 flagship HUAWEI has mali g71 mp8 better than infinix not 12 vip mam g57 mc2

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                      • Uwills
                      • X5u
                      • 29 Aug 2022

                      i like the phone but one thing I don't like about the phone is thae battery mahis too small compared to Infinix hot 10i

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                        • Anonymous
                        • y6W
                        • 29 Aug 2022

                        This is just my opinion, If Infinix wants to put a "VIP" to its phone name, they'd better just put in a MediaTek Dimensity or a Snapdragon with or without 5G, but I'll give them credit for putting a ultrawide lens.

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                          • sayabosanhidup
                          • XUv
                          • 29 Aug 2022

                          Anonymous, 21 Aug 2022Because i love this phone, iwant use it for long, if better... moredo u know that5G mobile data plans are very
                          expensive and it will drain your battery faster
                          and also isnt 4G already fast enough for now
                          are you a broker who needs flawless internet


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                            • Anonymous
                            • Kxd
                            • 21 Aug 2022

                            Puwey, 18 Aug 2022Some of u who are Nigeria,knows that over here we use 4g ne... moreBecause i love this phone, iwant use it for long, if better have 5g for future use so i dont need buy new one

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                              • Mc jesters
                              • mFd
                              • 20 Aug 2022

                              Rex, 23 Jun 2022Please can someone recommend me a phone for gaming and good... moreGionee m12 camera are better than some iphone but not recomendable for gaming

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                                • Puwey
                                • X5u
                                • 18 Aug 2022

                                Some of u who are Nigeria,knows that over here we use 4g network, you don't judge a phone because of it's network,but u have to look beyond the network

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Kxd
                                  • 14 Aug 2022

                                  I dont really use camera, 50 mp is enough for me so add 5g with a good price

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • tDU
                                    • 06 Aug 2022

                                    Anonymous, 04 Aug 2022I just wanted İnfinix note 12 VİP 5G Version!!!I agree, this smartphone is perfect if this phone have 5g

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 3D5
                                      • 04 Aug 2022

                                      I just wanted İnfinix note 12 VİP 5G Version!!!

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • sEA
                                        • 30 Jul 2022

                                        if this vip have 5G, i will buy it