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  • SNY
  • XIa
  • 21 Jul 2019

This phone is the best phone ever if you just take these advice. As with every phone software updates tends to give issues be it apple or Samsung..

1. Don't upgrade to Android 8. This update is unstable and the phone runs slow. Particularly the humming bird interface. Stick to android 7 and hope they release android 9 for this device

2. Root and install adaway. It makes the phone super super fast.

The phone is build very well and is great value for the price. It supports a lot of 4g band and frequencies, it has a LARGE BATTERY, great screen (original screen. I broke mine and the replacement isn't like the original), very good cameras, front fingerprint, good speakers and more.

I have been using it since it came out in 2017. All other Note models from Infinix doesn't compare to this device quality wise.

If you are like me that wants to big screen with long lasting battery without having to spend much then this phone is okay. Life in Africa is hard. Don't waste huge sums of money just to buy a Samsung or A Apple phone while there are cheaper alternatives out there. Infinix, huawei, oppo, techno.. etc.

    Ola, 16 Jul 2019I've been using the note 4 pro without the stylus for.more ... moreIv been using it for 2 years , I have no problem except the charging cord I accidentally exposed to some chemical that damage the cord, I have replaced the cord with same old adapter , though I did not get a fast charge cord like the original, it's still good ,no battery issue, ( I'm just careful using the phone that's all, and pls avoid overnight charging , it's baaaaad for batteries)

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      • Ola
      • Nfx
      • 16 Jul 2019

      I've been using the note 4 pro without the stylus for.more than 1 year and faced no problem...i'm not using the cover just the phone...battery performance, clean display no problem with it...i think it dépends on one another friend also used it and sent to the note 5 but hé prefered the note 4 and came back to it...another friend is using it with the flip cover and during more than 6 month didn't reported any problem...

      For me it is a good phone as long as you use correctly the charger and câble....

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        • Valentine
        • Nue
        • 05 May 2019

        Very good phone, especially the camera.

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          • Ahmad
          • r3a
          • 03 May 2019

          Hmmmm so far so good the phone is good enough and is also tried it best infact it's really nice one, since have been using the device it as never for once give me problem even for once the issue I have there is that since the follow come charge as been faulty have never see a good one to charge it like the one that come with it both with the s-pen sha the phone good.

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            • Ralph
            • rrb
            • 29 Mar 2019

            I wonder this gsm arena.
            They complain where not necessary, They seems biased on some brand than other.
            I personally use phones after every 3months.
            This infinix is good as long as u mentain the charger and use it properly.

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              • Anonymous
              • ftV
              • 22 Mar 2019

              Having already placed an order for this phone, the comments are worrying

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                • Hari
                • 61j
                • 21 Mar 2019

                The first time i used this phone i installed several apps to help synchronizing notification dismissal between my old phone & this newer one, since i actually need two phones. guess what, none of those apps worked. it turns out that it's special feature "SmartCover" disable all apps' requests upon notification access. so if i want to enable it, i must dismiss this feature and the usage of it's "pro", namely the stylus.

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                  • Emmy
                  • CAe
                  • 20 Mar 2019

                  I have been enjoying the phone since i bought the it....clearer camera and long lasting battery
                  which are one of features a good phone should have.....

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                    • Anonymous
                    • r0G
                    • 18 Mar 2019

                    I was thinking of buying this phone tomorrow but the reviews are very very negative regarding the phone

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                      • Anonymous
                      • NkV
                      • 19 Jan 2019

                      I have been using this phone for more than one year, from day one i faced too many problems, only one problem was solved through the company and the rest is not, all are about the software even after upgrade to android 8.1,
                      The most painfull problem lies in the flip cover that comes inside mobile packing, this cover itself destroys the mobile screen and makes too many scratches to it or to the screen protector. Another common problem is that the back button is always malfunctions when using the screen protector, and in order to work well you should only use the pen otherwise your finger will not work propely with button only, or you have remove the screen protector that comes with the mobile and in this case your screen will be subjected to too many scrathes as told above, third issue with the cover also is that it always turns on the flash and the music player unintentionaly while the mobile is in your pocket, and always takes random photos with the camera while the phone is on standby mode, the issue is that you cannot disregard the flip cover because you will loose the pen, the final paifull issue with the cove is it always ends the calls while you are using it during calls

                        I have used infinix since 2015. refer to my previous experience on hot note, and S2. I ordered Infinix Note 4 Pro x571 and I have used this unit for more than 6 months.

                        First Impression: The package looked like expensive packaging, build quality is good externally.

                        As usual accessories is provided by infinix. Display protection.

                        The Software is not reliable as previous unit, too many advertisement and Laucher could not easy to adjust.

                        After upgrade to 8.1 Oreo - the problem is getting worst.. frequent application such as Phone dialer, calculator, file manager are not displayed but it is available. we need to find by using launcher.

                        Cover for stylus and flip cover look great. but when we use the stylus frequently request re charging and hang.
                        Triangle display when flip cover close. whenI usesld for several time display protection deteriorated and marked triangle. it could not be removed.

                        Camera is excellent, sharp, natural, even low light ..impressive camera.

                        Battery and charger are excellent

                        I hope infinix could fix the software and not make user as expertise to solve the problem by themselve

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                          • Aderito
                          • NwA
                          • 28 Dec 2018

                          I was using a Galaxy s7 egde when I moved to Infinix and honestly I think this is a cheap copy fo galaxy note 5 and that actually bothers me, if you are ti replicate sth do it at its finest or simply make the phone an inspiration and not a cheap copy. I really dislike the phone, the perfomance is medium, good battery life but it overheats when you use for more than 1.5 straight. The rear camera should be better, the selfie camera is nice, the "stylus" sucks shoulb have been integrated to the phone and not the dumb smartcase which makes the phone even wider(sth we dont need at all)

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                            • phonefreak
                            • r3a
                            • 24 Dec 2018

                            Mimank, 30 Nov 2018I used it for 6 months (i move to zero 5). (+)Very Good Bui... morehow was the performance

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                              • Mimank
                              • thu
                              • 30 Nov 2018

                              I used it for 6 months (i move to zero 5). (+)Very Good Build Quality but rather heavy, Extra stylus but not often to use it for me (depends on personal's need), Vivid and Sharp display (over color saturated for few people's eye), Good Batery Life (it depends on setting and personal usage). (-)Slipery back cover/side, No Light for navigation button, stylus housing separetly from its body(phones) but stick together with smartcover that make the phone very bulky, No LCD protection