Innostream INNO 50

Innostream INNO 50

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  • Odiko kenneth tetteh

dear sir/madam
i love to get one of innostream INNO.i would be happy if you send me one at my post line
Nii Amui J.H.S,804

  • R

did anyone find out about saving the pics on this phone?

  • aleem

waz d seen, iam from tridad, luv this phone but dont have, later

  • Bob

was anyone able to fix jaguar's problem cause I have the same...i.e. the photos dnt save etc


  • akil

i need innostream 50 software. plz wanna know how i'll get that software?

  • Anonymous

The PCSync(using 3.0) software sucks
Each time I unplug the cable, it force my pc to restart (using window XP)

  • Anonymous

I have been using this phone for over 1 year.
I don't know it's a software problem or what.
If I turn on the phone and re-charge battery. Then, after re-charge, cannot answer and make phone call. Have to turn off and on again to make it work.
And this problem happens randomly!!
I cannot endure anymore!!
I am going to buy a new phone

  • jay

i have this problem i cant save the images that i took... how do i save the images?

  • S.F

Hi deon yes these phone can work in Tobago but on the Tstt network only if u r interested in switching to Digicel u will need a tri-band or quad-band phone

  • Tommy

Does anyone know who sponsors this phone such as (Verizon, Cingular, etc.)

  • deon

hello ppl how u all going i am from tobago right and down here we can only use triband and i want to no if this is going to work down here please help me out.....

  • jaguar

hi to all and thanks for reading ,i really need some help,i got this phone other day and wen i wanna save photo that i took its says saving and saved but wen i look fot the photo its not there,memo and alaram i cant set-wen i try to do so it says memo full,or alarm full,then wen i try factory reset it tells me that FFS backup 100 error,if any1 please can help me e-mail at ,thanks again

  • ckchak

The game"Gem Miner" Lv.203 is really difficult to play,can anybody help me??

  • jimmy

hi, i bought this phone last year. the warranty is over. this is a great phone. but today i have a slight problem with it. actually its not the phone problem, it's my problem. i forgot the lock key, so i couldn't transfer my number from simcard to my phone. Does anyone here know how to get over this without sending it to service centre? (coz they will charge)

  • Alexander Willy

Please have INNO 50 handset with the Data cable and the software now want some help on how it can work cause have tried but failed completely please assist if you can am in Tanzania

  • mex

can i know where to download games for inno50, i saw all the games posted are mostly for nokia n other more famous brand...

  • May

My Innostream 50 cellphone contains only english and chinese. When I write in Finnish messages I need ä and ö so can anybody help where I can download Finnish language software??

  • Jay

Can somebody tell me, how to get PC Sync software for INNO P10, the new model?

  • deon

i want to buy a inno 50 right but i dont no buy it or notplz help

  • Manilenyo

Hi! please help,
this fone is kinda cool, but i'm wondering if i can use it in the Philippines? i'm using SMART Buddy SIM Card, but i don't know if this SIM card will work in this fone. Please advice... anybody... anyone...