Innostream INNO 50

Innostream INNO 50

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  • ice

Hi could someone plz explain wat pc sync is wat cable i need and y it is so gud

  • tzong

i hav a question to ask about this phone...the backround , i can't make it full screen..can any1 help me with tht? besides pc sync , any other software for this phone?

plz help me with tht..u can emai me too about the phone

  • Kaven

the sofware is not good.

  • Nelly

does this fone have speaker phone??

  • klf

i have try factory reset many times but it always be the same when i call out.the calls end out someone whos have the same problem

  • joe

why this phone can't have mflash

  • Michael


Could someone please send me PC Sync, the software? I've lost the cd! >_< My ICQ is 908996. Please help!


  • INNO 50

INNO 50 does not support games downloading. If cannot call out, can try to do Factory reset.
Menu - Settings - Security - enter lock code (0000) - Factory Reset

Hope this will help.

  • klf

anyone now how we can downloads game to the one and one thing i can't call from my phone anyone with same problem???

  • mumtazahmad

nece616 software crupted.sir
i have flash to mobil. you help me

  • been

Thanks heaps for that Jon. I easily got it up and working with your method. I can't thank you enough, you're an extremely nice person. Thanks again.

  • jon

pc sync:
ok I noticed that some of my USB ports will flag up a 'new hardware' wizard and some will not. could only get it working with those that didn't.
1. plug cable in (if detected hardware icon apears in toolbar, stop device and try a different port)
2. start pc sync (I have my settings on com port 3)
3. attach cable to phone
4. connect
hope it helps

  • been

Thanks for the attempted 'solution' but it does not work. I have tried every single combination of phone/ application/ PC and it still has not worked. The PC SYNC basically says to connect the phone (when it is) or check the config. settings (which are fine). I am extremely disappointed with the PC Sync... it just doesn't work

  • interested

does this hp have memory card slor and does it have mp3?any info bout this hp oso will do good

  • Anonymous

solution for pc sync:
the order in which you connect the cable to the phone and then start sync software has an effect on whether it will pick up the connection (I have no idea why, this drove me mad also) swap it about a bit and also try changing com port...
If anyone has any idea how to get wap within UK i'd also like to know. had no luck with O2 - phone just didnt accept the code

  • Kim Jao

It's a very intersting bad the batery donn't last to rest everythings works just fine

  • Neb

The PC Sync does not work!!! I can not install the pc sync on any PC (I have tried 5 wicked Pc's). Since the memory is so small the camera is basically useless. Anyone had the same problem?

  • Chaw Meng Keat

i want know how much the inno50/and what inno phone is better

  • Anonymous

nicholas, tis phone selling price rm1799 come with 2 baterry, USB cable + CD software for mp3 download as ringtone. Just think your self worth it or not...!! Actually this phone very smart for the outlook, the quality was 99.99%excellent + the features also not bad. Recommended Phone.

  • irene

hallo... do tis phone can download ringtones,ktv or..... pls help.. b'cau i stil dunno how 2 use tis phone function...