Innostream INNO 55

Innostream INNO 55

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  • Tina Tran

the biggest mistake i have done is my life is buy this suck phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THis phone suckssssssss ...

  • andy

i was wondering why my cell phone was turn off and it could not start again somehow the power is off and no matter what i did it still did not turn back on again ... could someone help me out.... i took out the SIM and put it back and unplug the battery and put back in but it still doesn't work....

  • Salim

I have a Inno 55 and was wondering why i cannot click links sent to me VIA text messege by ringtone sites to go to them, i have to manualy enter them under "go to address" and most the time it doesnt work, I also have a lock on the top of my broswer when i search the web, is that maybe why i cannot access webpages to download my mp3s? also, where can i get Mp3 ringtones for my phone and FINALY, how can i tranfer .MP3 ringtones from my computer to my phone using a data cable?? ANY AND ALL HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED e-mail me at

  • BC

yea under and go to the inno 55 support page

  • cali

does anyone have a link where i can dl the software to use on the computer when it's hook up to the phone?

  • BC

please read the other posts about speakerphone, as other people have ALREADY written about it dozens of times...

the newer software does NOT allow speakerphone..they took that function off because too many people were complaining about the screeching it you DO NOT have speakerfone

  • ian

Please can someeone tell me how to use the speaker.....cannot turn on during calls.

  • Lori

I have had the phone for 3 months and it worked fine for the first two months then it started showing no service on my phone. I could not make or recieve calls and this happens intermittenly. I do not recommend this phone.

  • tom

Can anyone tell me how to configure GPRS/WAP settings on this handset? On O2 pay and go network

  • Yub

They have disabled the speakers since its crappy.

  • Frank

Anyone know which phone type is closest to the INNO-55 so I can use more from T-Zones (T-mobile). It is not natively supported by T-mobile. I'm sure someone tested out all their models, and found one that was compatible. Thanks!

  • x

-does anyone know how much internal memmory this phone has??-


  • shanna

first can somebody tell me how to turn on tha speaker and wen i am on tha internet there is aloways a lock on tha top right hadnside of tha screen how can i get it off and my internet wont let me download stuff. can anybody help me wit this?? PLEASE & THANK YOU

  • Marawda

does anyone know how much internal memmory this phone has??

  • Hoang

I got this INNO 55 phone 3 days ago. So far everything is great for me. I enjoyed every feature it has to offer. The picture quality is great and the camera is excellent. I haven't recharged my battery pack for 3 days of use. I read a lot of complaints about the battery, but I haven't seen anything with mine yet so I'll have to wait and see. The only question I have is whether I can use the data cable to hook up this phone with my laptop and get on the internet while I'm travelling. If any of you know, please help me. Thanks.

  • ken

i love the look of this phone....there's some thing I dont like example camcorder no sound. when i got my hands on this fone i was happy..but now this fone is messed up out of memories..dang.. there some file here that has freaking 16000 kb. i dont even noe wat da hell is in it anymore. still loving this fone ..but can somebody help me reprogram dis cool fone.

  • Sang

this phone's about half yr old i think this is MP3 phone u can transffer ur file by using data cable (your computer has to be windows 2000 or higher) when u first get the phone charge it 12 hours straight(both batteries) only bad thing bout this phone is the customer servis, camcorder(no audio) and i hab no clue about Internet(WAP) so i perfer u guys to get a data cable and transffer it

  • Jay

Thanks! It worked. Sucks it's by groups only, but its a step toward what she wanted. I don't think this phone can handle MP3's right? I checked in the book and I didn't see anything in there regarding MP3 ringers. Thanks again!

  • blank

this phone looks cute but it sucks why have video with no sound. and why can i connect to the internet.

  • wil

Jay, Inno 55 can assign ringer by GROUP.
Pls do according to these step:
Phonebook -> Option -> Settings -> Group Settings.
Than u can change the default ringtone for each Group type.
U can use ringtone that download from PC.
Hope this will be useful to you.