Innostream INNO 75

Innostream INNO 75

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  • Anonymous

dont know about you guys, but i dont like the blue with the grey background. and the ear holes, not very fond of that either.

  • Anonymous

all good
except got no mp3 ringtones

  • Mr.Bean

How come you can't buy any in the UK?

  • hongpham everything you'd expect from a mobile's small too...dying to put my hand on one...

  • yee

its very cool..sl55 +video+mp3+fm...I want one..

  • bilcho

Great features, one of the very few small phones with removable storage, MP3, a camera and a radio. I'd buy one if I could find it!

  • bok

its a good copy of the Siemens SL-55 and the Samsung E800

  • jam

id like to buy it

  • koñito bravo´s a good copy of SL-55.

  • .

sl55 wid camera