Innostream INNO 75

Innostream INNO 75

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Funny phone.

  • andreas

yes, and it is coming soon since 2004;)

  • batman

This phone is known in the trade as old el rubbisho!
where is the EDGE? an the camara spec is virtually non-existant!.

  • Faisel

Coming soon?! Is this fone that special that it hasn't been released yet? Damn! VGA Camera and no good features, whats the point?

  • Anonymous

It has been announced 2 years ago!!! And, Innostream thinks that is still in the business of making mobiles!!! Better think again and get into the business of making tyres or bricks or long as it is not mobiles. Innostream will be a study case in marketing ....on how to fail in a big way as a mobile manufacturer!!

  • Anonymous

luks funky !!!!
really girly n kewl
wer du u buy 1 frm in the uk ?

  • Anonymous

The inno 75 was announced to be cancelled, but im not sure if there will be an replacement? it is quite old information of it being announced.

  • ian

does anybody know where you can get hold of the inno75/600?

  • Laiko

It's called inno600 in Taiwan. Quiet popular and remarking. But it's said that inno600 has some system problems, so won't be on the market. However, Innostream would lounch an improved vision: Inno3000(not for sure...) which is also sliding machanism in late june. Well, let's see then....

  • Anonymous

To: so called "MFH"
will you really prefer a Samsung rather than than an Innostream (sour grapes?)? Samsung phones do cost a lot more than Innostream, and through experiences, Samsung phones get outdated quite easily bcos the manufacturer is really rolling out a lot of its models very quickly. Also, you pay more for less.

  • aisoku

I saw a phone on sale on a Taiwanese site which looks preety similar to this. This model is not called Inno 75 but Inno 600. Quite expensive anyway, about 15800 Taiwan Dollar (1900 Malaysian Ringgit).{B99B3459-FEC1-2F49-A092-B4FAC01CF3EA}

  • MFH

This phone may look cute coz of its size and shape but it does look cheap, and the sliding mechanism is cheap too. It doesnt have the spring loaded slide like the Samsung E800 and D500. The earpiece is made up of metal holes and the blue plastic around it is translucent. The material used for the body is not high quality unlike the INNO90 or A10. If you want an Innostream slide phone, get the Inno55, eventhough it has an antennae and does not have the functions of the 75 atleast it has spring loaded mechanism and the material used is high quality and the matte black finish adds the finishing touch. The camera of the Inno55 is satisfying for a phone in that class.

3 Things to make this phone successful:
1. Add a spring loaded mechanism
2. Minus the huge earpiece metal holes &
3. Darken the colour of the body.

These are easy changes that could improve on the market growth of Innostream. TQ

I have never seen this phone in real life before and never heard of the price but i think the INNO75 would be around RM1800++ (Malaysian Ringgit)or US$480++ (due to the price of INNO90 when it first came out with a shockingly high price of RM1999-RM2300/US$530-$610)
For that kind of money, from my opinion, i would rather get a Samsung D500 instead. Better quality and better functions.

TQ. MFH. (This is from my opinion and also from fact, dont get offended)

  • weird

i dun tink its EVER gona come out!!

  • justin

Where can I get these phones in US? It has been waited for ages!!!

  • yeeyee

im waiting 4 tis phone long time ago liao,
is it available in Malaysia already???=(
if not i have 2 buy another phone liao.....

  • Anonymous

u mean we cannot set mp3 as ringtone?oh my goodness.....

  • Anonymous

crazii out this fone but it be the best fone in da whole world if it had its mp3s for its ringtone aswell

  • orange_man

Its a very goood phone man, rahsta people like vvv much. peace on you

  • Jikl

i have been waiting this phone for soooooooo much is this?(in any country)


A lovely little fone unfortunately not avaliable in the UK