Innostream INNO 75

Innostream INNO 75

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  • Caren

this phone is amazing where cani i buy it from the uk? I neeeeeeed it!!

  • shahbaz

this phone is nice and low weight

  • christine

sumbuddy help me PLEEZ!!! iz da inno 75 availabble in da us? will it work wit verizon, cingular, or tmobile? iz it betta den da inno 55? pleez i need HELP!!! thanx much!!!

  • Anonymous

good site

  • samantha

I need to know whether is it available in malaysia yet? Anyone knows about it pls let me know. I'm asking my friend to look for me in Perth, Australia. If is available in malaysia then i won't have to troublesome my friend in perth. Anyway will it be available in perth as well??

  • christine

hi, i heard good reviews about this phone. is it better than the inno 55? I live in the US, where can i get it? Can it be used with a cingular plan? Thank You!!!


Is this fone avaliable in the UK, I hear its even smaller than the Samsung E630 & E800 slide fones

  • Anonymous


  • Roni

siemens sl65 look a like.

  • nicholas

when it will be in malaysia ??

  • chaw meng keat

i want know how much inno75?

  • Sven

Where can I buy this phone in Croatia??


  • Snail

Yeah you can get innostream in australia. Only a few places import these phones. One such place is Cabramatta, N.S.W. I've seen a few there on display. However this particular model has not arrived yet perhaps in a few months. can't really say.

  • Ron

Where can I obtain this phone? It has been waited for ages!!!

  • Jikl

is it available in Malaysia already?
i've been waiting for so long.....

  • Anonymous

you idiots
gsmarena sells no phones

  • Anonymous

wheres can u buy Innostreams?

  • samuel

i love the phone, kindly mail me to tell what the phone entails and how to purchase the phone cause the phone is very scares in my country(Nigeria).

  • Anonymous

when will it be available in australia?!?! and where the hell can i find one?

  • ivan

about the photo from innostream 75