Innostream INNO 75

Innostream INNO 75

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  • RYU

Perfect Phone. Good design and a lot of features. Super smooth slide. Good reception. Fast data speed. High quality camera. A lot of ways to edit a photo. Very small and hand friendly. Light and compact. Screen has a lot of vibrant colours. Menus are easy to use. Best Innostream phone yet. Camera is behind the slide so it would not be easily damaged. Gsmarena is the best cell phone site. I reccomend it to all. WHAT IS THE E-Mail OF THE MANAGER OF GSMARENA? I WANT IT PLEASE. YOU CAN POST IT ON THE MESSAGE BORD FOR ME. THANXX.

  • iuygoiug

how much is that phone .

is very interesting i like it its very cool

  • unknown

it is a good fone. this site is good

  • unknown

its a very good fone. it has a lot of features, and is beautiful

  • Anonymous!!!

  • Goh

may i know when is it available in MALAYSIA?and how much??

  • Anonymous

im nuts for this fone!!!! arrrgggghh nuts i need it!!!!

  • Anonymous

will they ever send to australia !! innostream man can u even find that in aus?

  • Anonymous

where do you get it?!?! im desperate looks soo cool!!! and small and its got a mp3 playa >>and

  • Radoslav

tova e telefona

  • azreal

well, too me it looks like a good ol' kyocera slider or even the siemens slider, hahahah, its so cheap!!!!

  • .....

Hey!!! Are the designers of Slide phones the same??? What's the difference between this phone and Samsung's E800C??? OH MY GOODNESS!!! CopyCats!

  • GOGGA1

what d dilly so dam fine i want it so bad

  • gogga

its like n sl55 no to siemens

  • Anonymous

thanks dave for the advice now im glad im not goin to waste money on an unreliable phone

  • HAHA

My inno 90 working fine soso fine.. or just u broke it....

  • Dave

Alright for all of you who do not know, i have purchased an inno 55 and inno 90 in the past, one stopped working after a few days (90) for no reason, and the other had so much Firmware glitches you have no idea, Innostream is the worst company on the face of the earth, from battery problems, to unuseful and broken speaker functions, garbage reception, and of course the worst part of it all, echo on the speaker.
i would never ever assume that inno will ever make a reliable phone,it has to be factory BROKEN, stay away from it all together, Don't waste your money, go for a trusted company like Nokia and Samsung, but this is full of crapy feature that one can download on any other phone as an Add on, everything is broken with all of the inno phones.

  • Tan Seng Chor

i think inno75 is cool ,useful,many function ,and it's getting better......

  • QuAKe

Can u pls tell me what the Memory is like on it. And Cable does it come with one and software too.

  • steve

where abouts in the uk can you buy this or if not when is it released ?