Innostream INNO 99

Innostream INNO 99

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  • Anonymous

People dont listen to these crap, its just that they dont keep their fones properly. i've had mine for almost three and a half years now.

  • Player

I've this Inno 99. after using for 1 year plus only the phone keypad becomes malfunction. need to press a key very hard to get a response. Please don't buy Innostream mobile phones if not you will regret.

  • Anonymous

my aunt gave me an innostream 99, i was able to use it for a long time and it was quite good, my problem though is that im in another country and we dont support such models here, and at present i cant use it anymore. the screen has gone blank and even if i tried to had it repaired by a technician it still wont work. to bad i had lots of pictures in it and i wasnt able to save everything. but it was nice having it. does someone know what has happened? why did the screen has gone blank?

  • KH

I'm having a inno99 with a blank white main screen. I had tried hard to get a respond from the service centre but unfortunately there wasn't any.Don't buy innostream phone!

  • lpl

don't buy as the:!
camera quality-bad
difficult to download ringtones

  • Jeff

This is my 2nd posting. Say NO to innostream. Now, my hp is even worse compare to b4. When I shake my hp, I can hear something lose insde my hp. No wonder my camera has gone crazy and I dare not switch off and on my hp. If I do so, the picture will be upside down and be in a total mess!!! In order to read my sms, I've to turn my phone upside down and read it in front of the mirror. The colours are also affected. I'm not exeggerating here, but it's trus. I even called SOUTHALL and no one is bothered to ans my call. I'm realy frustated now. Pls warn everyone....DON'T BUY INNOSTREAM. It's de lousiest phone in the world!! Once I have enough $$, I'll switch to Nokia as it's more reliable.

  • anGeliNe

The keypad is very hard to press on, the phone will hang for no reason and sometimes will go crazy when you plug-in the hands free. Another thing to add is, hard to get a replacement for the accessories

  • jeff

If you are thinking of buying this phone for a long term use, the answer is NO!!!!! I've been using this phone since it was first launched. And true enough, it has full of problems. The sub screen blackens itself all of a sudden. Camera quality is TERRIBLE!!- the worst i've ever seen in my life. Just aim your camera at a light, and you'll know what I'm talking about. It's very sensitive towards light. Occasionally, the phone will switch off by itself- yes, for no reason. And the moment I switched off and on my hp, some of my settings in my phone book is deleted. And talking about memory, it's extremely little. In terms of sms, the response is SO SLOW that at times, I've to wait for the words to appear in the screen before proceeding to the next sentence. I heard that all INNOSTREAM phones are like that.
Ok, the only good thing bout this phone is it's colour screen and polyphonic sound. It's a phone which comes with 256K colours and 64 poliphony. And I love it's cute and funny music. It really attracted most of my friends because of that.
In conclusion, I will still not recommend this phone or any other INNO phones in the market.

  • Anonymous

u need to buy a serial cable (for this phone) to transfer the data from phone to PC. The cable come with a CD software.

  • kelvin

i wanna ask is there any programme for user to transfer their moving picture from phones to computer? because it take alots of space of my phone memory and i really wanna keep those moving picture.. its has lots of meaning to me.. please.. can you help? TQ

  • ida

i wanna ask is there any programme for HGF format?? because i realise all my friends using inno they had the same problem as me..
because after i edit the pic from pc sync , it auto save by HGF format files.. i really want my pic.. but i don't have the programme to convert it from HGF to JPG... i hope you guess can email me and tell me how to convert it.. thank you

  • na

just bought it few days ago..beautiful,nice model,lots of features..i'm very satisfied with this hp..really love it!!:-)

  • Leo

the phone has serious problem after several months. from what i heard, it's the same for all phones by Innostream. i wouldn't recommand any phones by them until at least 2010, when their technologies catches up w/ the big brands.

  • Romeo

Nice clarity on screen.

  • Eihab

please can any one help me to tell me how to use this phone and which services ican use and what is the password for it to start use it.please tell me

  • wiseman

Andrew hope u'r in SA.I looked alover for that cable pls share the info.plz contact me at wisemanatmas@yahoo

  • ris

can this hp expanse it's memory? bcos it's memory too small.

  • Andrew Williams

Good day to you all.How can I become a owner of
a innostream inno 99

  • Ted

My Inno 90 displays only a blank white screen on boot up. Where can I send this phone back here in the US?

  • lekan

am i trested i buying this product i need 10 mof it EMAIL