Innostream INNO 99

Innostream INNO 99

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  • Nicke

I just bought this phone and I have no idea what network it should be on, noone can ever hear me and my external screen does not show anything, can anyone tell me what is wrong?????

  • David

I have a inno99 to sell!!!!!!!Can be bargain,,Very cheap 1!!!!because i need a hp with bluetool/infrad!!!!!!!!!

  • Ted Alvarez

A few months of normal use was all I got from this phone-- the problem I have now is that there is no sevice center address I can mail it to for repairs. The Innostream website has only an email address (w/c does not respond) and the manual and boxes don't have company addresses either. Help!

  • matti

anyone who knows where i can find
batteries for a inno 99 on the internet??

  • inno

What is the memory of this phone?Can i view the picture taken with windows xp?

  • koru

model x cantik

  • vmantoo

6 months old inno99 for sale ... very cheap !! .. email me for pricing .. thanks !! selling in KL...

  • sweet

This phone market price in Malaysia should be around RM 1100 - 1200 (or less). But the display price is normally around RM1200 - 1300, but i guess it can be negociate.

  • sweet

can i put midi file into my phone? pc-sync seems cannot send midi to my phone. help!

  • erick

cu u pls help me how to unlock my phone ?
due to my mobile phone get PHONE LOCK and i don't know the code. Is some body can help me ??

  • Amirul

Hi there, I wanted to buy this phone to my sister and I want to know, how much the phone in Malaysia ?


it is a very nice cell phone.
can it support internet?
i want to buy more!!!

  • Anonymous

This phones looks cool, and the internal TFT screen is awsome. A good phone, but external screen is small(at least the resolution is high). Features are average. A great value as it is at normal price range. Sadly, the memory is to little, and no bluetooth or infra-red.

  • lambaotri

pls tell me how to load video clip file to phone

  • Paul

dose any one know how to use the % (percent function) in this Inno 99 model?
as hard as I tried could not work it out,
so if someone please give me detailed Instructions please, ( the Manual didn't help Either,

  • anthrobus13

Hey all, just wanna share my 2 cents about this phone. I used it for about 6 months now, and frankly, it isnt that great.
The functions at the time were above average, but i found the software to be unstable. the phone occasionally shuts and resets itself! If you can look beyond that, then its alright. there are no reminders for missed calls though

  • kym

I would like to check about the INNO 99 have any java games function or can i download any java games from internet into INNO99

  • Kenny

This phone is a good, depending what type of phone are you looking for. If you are looking for features, then it's doesn't suit you. No bluetooth, infra red or radio.
But again, it has great colour screen, nice design at a reasonable price. Comparing with Samsung (same features), samsung phone is just selling it's brand. So, expensive.

  • Anonymous


you can... but u still need to convert mp3 into smaf using your pc sync software converter. hybrid

  • andrew

i hv the data cable . can i put mp3 to my inno 99 from my pc ?