Innostream INNO 99

Innostream INNO 99

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  • pl

why cannot buy or download mp3 or ringtone!!!!

  • J

inno 99 is a nice phone. when i buy this model, the package was not included the cable. How can I get it in Ipoh?

  • Justin Tyme

This phone is great. It has a lot of capabilities and it is very nice looking. The gray phone that is shown doesn't do any justice. Everyone that sees my phone loves it. Reception is good even when not on gps network.

  • Anonymous

nice phone

  • Yeze

It's quite beautiful and very attractive.
I like INNO 99 for the multi-function that it contains.

  • xan

i need help in configuring my mms.thanks.

  • cherie

i want how much this innostream inno99

  • June

Excellent phone, clear monitor and photo resolution but a bit expensive!....

  • Jake

Great phone! got mine about 2 weeks ago and it works amazingly! Colour and quality of pics and screen outstanding. GPRS works fine on the T-mobile network if you set up the browser settings. Inno is a company with a lot to offer.

  • Sonia

hi... i got a inno 90 few months ago ... like yesturday something odd happened my phone turns on & off by its self... Please give me your contact number or at least a address where i can send my innostream phone. Thank you for your time.

  • shaky

good but how to set the gprs..?

  • Bui Minh Tuan

I want to buy a Innostream 99 mobile. I want to know about it! How many size picture the camera can captune! 320-240 or 640-480. Please give me information! Thank you so much!

  • angeline

i like the colour screen,it quite colourful and sharpe.

  • phonesdoctor

tell me more about this phone....

  • Song Wai Leng

One of the feature lacking in this phone is the ability to synchronize the phone features with the computer, such as the sms & phonebook function, which was available with Samsung Handphone.

  • Phones collector

Good little phone/got all i want/good price/good colors screens/LG&SAMSUNG..beware..!!

  • bob mues

the reception is perfect!!!

  • BL

How is the reception ? I live in an area with bad receiption for Nokia and Moto..?

  • Anonymous

fresh and nice phone

  • Anonymous

very clear camera, nice video with sounds