Innostream INNO A10

Innostream INNO A10

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  • irsyadul ibad

where i wan to buy the batteries????please tell me

  • yvonne

Can anyone please tell me where I can get an English manual for mobile Inno A10 here in Hong Kong? I would very much appreciate it.

  • kk

your kidin me!
this cant be the 5th!!
i didnt even know that there is a company named innostream

  • ibad

i have INNO A10 but the batteray is droop. can i buy it.......???where???im in indonesia?????

  • José

Can you helpme?????
The chip is compatible with ...?


  • José

Hi, Dieter
After I made a bridge on small battery the phone was reestablish but, now the network is not recognised. Some technical say that the Rx chip is bad however is impossible to get in México, so I am unjoyful ... snif .. snif . snif.

  • nina

daniel, 23 Jul 20054 kostas : if u want fun I recommend u A10,it takes clear p... moreinnosteam camcorder is my cell but not a10 ur problem is like my problem in my cell one it hang up all settings reformat and when im using my usb cable my files not shown in my com.

  • Alex

I had to reset the phone to fabric setttings, now it doesn't recognize the network..... what can I do? Is there any code to unlock it again? Please help I'm desperate!

  • mark

what is the wrong function of the fone when it cant read any sim card it says sim card rejected.

  • Alex

Hello, I've read almost all the comments in here, but I need to know if there is a way to transfer the .jar files (java games) directly from pc to the phone via usb, because I can't download them. I also wanna know if I can connect my phone to internet via usb using my pc internet access, if
Thanks in advance.

  • shan

how to swift on infrared,somebody can help

  • kerry2

someone will help me maybe...I look for Innostream INNO-A10 USB on softpedia will not give was to pull down

  • kerry2

And here different instructions to telephones Innostream

  • kerry2

here side with instruction in English to telephone Innostream A10

  • kerry2

You pass on forum thin lines to side Innostream A10.with manual description,but I can not this side unlock.!!!Someone knows different sides with description use ( the in English best)

  • Richard Cooke

Hi could anyone supply me via email a copy IN ENGLISH on this mobile phone.
My wife & I bought one each but the manual is not in English.Please, Please is there anyone who can help us?
Kind regards Richard Cooke

  • Dieter

hello Jose, attempts it with the input here
*741*737381# if that not functioned give *888*888# can you the Factory RESET make. If that does not function also, you must open the telephone and the small battery on the printed circuit board for approx.. 1 second + and - bridge. Assemble then again and *741*737381# enter. Functions 100%. Greet Dieter

  • José

Recently just got one of these, and I was very happy with the features and design, but when I was downloading MP3 music from PC, my phone cell was damaged. Now I need software for repair it. The display shows this message: "initialing" and before "bad read NVEPROM" Can you helpme? Thanks

  • ron

Recently just got one of these, and I am very happy with the features and design, menu is also easy to use. Good little phone.

  • Anonymous

hi, i have an innostream but do not know which site to go on to download music. I am in St. Lucia and the carrier is digicel. Could you please help me?