Instagram will soon let you create posts on desktop

Most of Instagram's features have been exclusive to its mobile app, including one of its core functionalities - the ability to create and edit posts. Well, there has been a trend for the past year or so to expand the desktop Instagram site. According to a developer and tipster on Twitter, Instagram is about to let you create and edit posts from the desktop site.

Mockups of the possible design

He also posted a couple of mockups of how the feature would work. Supposedly, the desktop site will let you drag and drop photos and videos, crop, apply filters, tag people and locations, and the overall UI looks quite similar to the app's.

There's still no word on when we can expect the long-awaited functionality but it's currently being tested internally. Also, by the time of release, some details may change.


Reader comments

Instagram had built their own unique platform where users can only post on mobile devices, and now they're destroying it by letting users to post on desktop. If I can post on desktop, then it's no longer an instagram.

Every graphic designer/ marketing profesional uses desktop pc/mac for work with photoshop/ilustrator/indesign and then need to share the work on social media. You don't know what you'r talking about.

CTRL+SHIFT+I and then F5 for refresh and you get the upload functionality