iOS finally gets official Picture-in-Picture support for YouTube, rolling out globally

Ricky, 18 June 2021

YouTube users on Android have enjoyed PiP (picture in picture) since Android Oreo and iOS users will finally be able to enjoy YouTube videos while using other apps. In a statement to MacRumors, YouTube confirms that PiP is now rolling out to the YouTube app on iPhone and iPad.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) allows users to watch YouTube videos in a small mini player while simultaneously browsing outside of the YouTube app on their mobile device. We’re starting to roll out PiP for YouTube Premium members on iOS and plan to launch PiP for all US iOS users as well.”

It’s worth noting that on Android, YouTube Premium is not required for PiP. Although YouTube mentions the feature is only available to YouTube Premium subscribers, it plans to offer the feature to all iOS users on YouTube eventually.

To activate PiP on YouTube, open and play a video on the app and swipe to go home. The video should continue playing in a mini player which can be moved around by dragging or resized by pinching with two fingers.

YouTube premium is still required on both Android and iOS to let YouTube videos continue to play in the background with only audio.



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  • Anonymous

While you are getting "happily forced" into using 60hz screen, ultra slow charging, ugly notch, handicapped software, etc.You might love that pri$on, but most people want to be free and not trapped inside the iOS cult.

  • Anonymous

Yes... Even Snapdragon 625 with 3gb RAM (which is ultra budget according to 2021 standards) works without issues on an OS version which is 6 generations behind. Fun part is that it can do more than current iOS.

  • Anonymous

It was Juan bagnell video wasn't it?

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