iOS finally gets official Picture-in-Picture support for YouTube, rolling out globally

18 June 2021
iOS 14 brought the ability for picture-in-picture with apps, but its not until recently that Google enabled it on the YouTube app.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-1003038, 25 Jun 2021"Happily" Being forced into not getting updates i... moreWhile you are getting "happily forced" into using 60hz screen, ultra slow charging, ugly notch, handicapped software, etc.You might love that pri$on, but most people want to be free and not trapped inside the iOS cult.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2021It was Juan bagnell video wasn't it? Yes... Even Snapdragon 625 with 3gb RAM (which is ultra budget according to 2021 standards) works without issues on an OS version which is 6 generations behind.
Fun part is that it can do more than current iOS.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2021Nobody has to look for a new phone because they didn't... moreIt was Juan bagnell video wasn't it?

  • AnonD-1003038

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2021Nobody has to look for a new phone because they didn't... more"Happily" Being forced into not getting updates is so normalized people are somehow happy with Marshmallow from half a decade ago. Also no, they aren't "happy" because bunch of apps doesn't work anymore on it even if it's generally supported by most. Or shall I say they simply don't show up when you search for the app like it doesn't even exist anymore. Stop defending lazy BS vendors ffs.

-Trix-, 19 Jun 2021” Yeah, for those people who change their phones once per 5... more"if you want to upgrade yearly iPhone is best choice because of the resell price staying so high. Just like you said second hand 11 Pro Max is really expensive. You don’t need to pay much to buy new model every year if you sell the old one"

>>>Disagree with your statement.
If one upgrades yearly like me, iPhone is the worst choice.
Sure it's resale value is high but the buying cost is high too, negating any benefits of higher resale value.

Had the Galaxy Note 9. Bought it for Rs.68k.
Decided to buy IPhone 11 pro max after listening to glowing reviews.
Cost me around Rs.117k .
Kept the Galaxy Note 9 around as a spare phone.

Soon got tired of the hardware and software shortcomings on iOS.
Kept missing Android and kept going back to my Galaxy Note for certain things.
Upgraded myself to the OnePlus 8 pro.
Cost me around Rs.60k (half the value of the iPhone).
Sold my iPhone 11 pro Max at Rs. 55k (resale value for iPhone being good in my country) and added another 5k to buy 12gb/256gb model of OP8 pro.

[Effective cost of using the IPhone 11 pro max for around 9 months = Rs.62k]

Later Sold my Galaxy Note 9 for around Rs.30k.

[Effective cost of using the Galaxy Note 9 for around 21 months = Rs.38k]

Now upgrade to Mi 11 Ultra (12gb/256gb) version for Rs.70k.
Sold my OnePlus 8 pro for around Rs.35k.
Brand new OP8 pro is still priced Rs.60k for 12gb/256gb variant. No drop in its pricing.

[Effective cost of using OnePlus 8 pro for around a year = Rs.25k]

The effective price of using the iPhones for a year is almost twice that of Android flagships. If I had bought the iPhone 12 pro Max after selling the iPhone 11 pro Max, it would have still cost me Rs.75k more after selling the 11 pro Max

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AnonD-1003038, 19 Jun 2021It's not because there are performance issues, it'... moreNobody has to look for a new phone because they didn't get a newer version of Android.
Even Android 6.0 users are happily using their devices without any issues in year 2021.
You were already shhut down in other comment section by showing link of real world testing of Android Marshmallow based device running flawlessly with Snapdragon 625 and 3gb RAM. Stop repeating the same non existent problems on Android in the every article.

  • Eu

They will say that they were the first to implement this system.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2021That's the power of Android. Even budget devices can h... moreYes

  • RV

This PIP feature seemlessly integrates with youtube to provide 'eyetube technology' straight to iphone user. One of the most advanced feature being rolled out to enable multi task while watching youtube in small formfactor !
PS: Dont worry Android users, we Appleians are few years late but we get excited more.

a 3 year old feature just arrived to ios.congrats

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2021ِAmazing how I have been enjoying this for over a year, 100... moreThat's the power of Android. Even budget devices can harness the this power

  • Anonymous

ِAmazing how I have been enjoying this for over a year, 100% free, with no ads, via Youtube Vanced.
I swear every time I think about moving to iOS, I find more and more stuff the uplifts Android, in my eyes.

  • AnonD-948658

The user experience will definitely be much smoother than Android

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2021You could probably invest a weekend & put a custom ROM ... moreCustom roms are often not very stable… and I am not talking about myself… because I change my phone every 6 months. I am just trying to put forward this scam that manufactures put through customers to force them to buy a new phone to stay software relevant.

GregLu, 20 Jun 2021Nope, working in Belgium with Premium accountwhats PIP?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1003038, 19 Jun 2021And yet "scam" iPhones get 5+ years of updates. 5... more"No wonder Android phone vendors just can't bother to do better when you people are so furiously defending their garbage business practices with pathetic support"

Apple giving latest features 10 years late is called pathetic support. Apple removing charger from box and not allowing more than 20W on flagship or no standard type C is what you call garbage business practices.

  • Jerenze

It’s worth noting that on Android, YouTube Premium is not required for PiP. 

Stop lying lol, it's not even available in the Philippines unless you're upgraded to Premium. Please update your article haha

Ytre, 19 Jun 2021PIP on Android only works in USANope, working in Belgium with Premium account

  • Woohoo

Idk what some guys are saying but PiP works on Nokia in India, maybe try revoking, then granting the permission again for PiP

FrickAndroid, 19 Jun 2021nope you lying because I get ads to enlarge my pp but I nev... moreIf that ads is on YT, u can just report it since it's inappropriate