iPhone 16 Pro battery prototype leaks

Michail, 21 November 2023

Apple is rumored to be working an overhauled cooling setup for its iPhone 16 series and we now get our first set of confirmation with a leak of the iPhone 16 Pro battery prototype. The images reveal the battery is encased in a brushed metal bracket which is likely aiding in the heat dissipation process.

iPhone 16 Pro protype battery front and back iPhone 16 Pro protype battery front and back
iPhone 16 Pro protype battery front and back

The leaked iPhone 16 Pro’s Li-Ion battery cell is listed with a 3,355 mAh (13.02Wh) capacity and is manufactured by China’s Desay Corporation. It features the same J-shape as the batteries on the iPhone 15 Pro series.

iPhone 16 Pro protype battery
iPhone 16 Pro protype battery

For reference, the iPhone 15 Pro features a slightly smaller 3,274mAh battery cell capacity. It remains to be seen if this early prototype battery design and capacity will end up being the ones used on iPhone 16 Pro production models.

Source (post on X.com)


Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 27 Nov 2023
  • nxH

apple haters still talking the same bs points for 10 years now. c'mon guys, come up with more different bs points pls, getting stale

  • Mel
  • 24 Nov 2023
  • g3H

The $150 phone has atleast works for 3 years without any issues unlike iphone

  • Anonymous
  • 23 Nov 2023
  • 7Qj

If you are thinking like this, you are also missing all the fun :)

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