iPhone 17 and 17 Plus to get 120Hz displays with Always-on

Ro, 27 February 2024

Apple introduced its so-called ProMotion displays with 120Hz refresh rate a couple of generations back, but we are yet to see the premium panels trickle down to the more affordable iPhones. This has been a reason for complaints from owners for some time now.

iPhone 17 and 17 Plus to get 120Hz displays with Always-on

Per the latest supply chain report Apple plans to bring its premium LTPO OLED panels to the cheaper iPhones in 2025, meaning the iPhone 17 and 17 Plus will be the first ones to get it. And since the LTPO panel allows for granular refresh rate control, enabling the ProMotion feature and the dialing down to 1Hz, Apple will finally add an Always-on display to its cheaper models.

According to the industry source, it all depends on BOE. The company sent its samples to Apple last year and even if Apple approves them soon, the Chinese panel maker won't be able to ramp up production for the iPhone 16 series release. Moreover, various sources claim that BOE has issues meeting Apple's strict standards, so the iPhone 17 series seems like a realistic target for BOE.



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