iPhone 17 Slim to have a smaller screen than the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 16 Plus

Vlad, 07 May 2024

A few hours ago a rumor told us the successor to Apple's iPhone 16 Plus would be called iPhone 17 Slim instead. Given the new name, we assumed it would be thinnest member of the iPhone 17 family, though that in itself doesn't really feel like it warrants such a big change.

If, however, you combine this with the fact that its screen will be smaller than that of both the currently available iPhone 15 Plus as well as the upcoming iPhone 16 Plus, then it might start to make more sense. Now a usually reliable source, Ross Young from Display Supply Chain Consultants, has put a precise number to the diagonal.

iPhone 17 Slim to have a smaller screen than the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 16 Plus

According to him, the iPhone 17 Slim's display will measure exactly 6.55 inches diagonally. Young has thus added more accuracy to the previous report by analyst Jeff Pu, who simply labeled it as "6.6 inches".

Now, the iPhone 15 Plus features a 6.7-inch screen, and its immediate successor should keep that. On the other hand, the Pro Max is growing to 6.9", so we can't help but assume Apple would like those who want the biggest-screened iPhone to have to splurge for the Pro Max instead of picking the much cheaper Plus. And soon you won't have a choice, if the rumors pan out about the iPhone 16 Pro Max growing to 6.9" and the iPhone 17 Pro Max sticking with that size while the iPhone 17 Slim goes smaller.

Of course, regardless of how reliable a source usually is, do keep in mind that we're about 18 months away from the launch of the iPhone 17 family at the moment, which means a lot - almost everything, in fact - can change from now until then even if this is accurate.



Reader comments

Apple is way too focused in making the pro/pro max models the best in everything to maximize sales and profits. The biggest screen, check! The biggest battery, check! The latest processors, check! The longest lasting iphone battery life, check! ...

A 6.9 screen is just ridiculous. Phones getting bigger and bigger (and heavier) make no sense at all.

  • Carol
  • 07 May 2024
  • mJ}

It should have a smaller notch, or no notch.

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