iPhone 6 A8 GPU benchmark suggests it's behind the curve

12 September, 2014

The first Apple iPhone 6 benchmark results have popped up and they're from the GPU testing Basemark X suite. The iPhone 6 scores 21,204 points, which is just marginally better than the score of its predecessor. The iPhone 5s manages a score of 20,253.

The Apple iPhone 6 utilizes the company's latest A8 chip with a dual-core 1.4GHz Cyclone CPU and a so-far unknown GPU. It was rumored the graphics unit in the A8 is the PowerVR GX6650, the next generation of the one found in the iPhone 5s (PowerVR G6430).

However, making an educated guess based on the Basemark X result, we can assume that Apple has chosen the hexa-core PowerVR G6630 instead. And as you can see, its performance isn't what you'd describe as groundbreaking.

The Samsung Galaxy S5, for example, scores 23,501 points with its Adreno 330 GPU and screen of higher 1080p resolution.

It'll be interesting to see how the iPhone 6 Plus does with its 1080p screen. If Apple has chosen the same GPU for its larger iPhone model, then it will have even harder time pushing all the extra pixels around.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Still more powerful than the Note 4.

  • AnonD-210682

I am absolutely sure that the benefits of the 64-bit cpu on the 1 GB RAM iPhone are quite exceptional...

  • yoyo

S5 has 2,5ghz...not 2.7

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