iPhone 6 sales plateau in the UK, iPhone 6 Plus still going strong

03 November, 2014

According to information obtained by FoneArena, the iPhone 6 isn't selling as well as the iPhone 6 Plus in the UK. Carphone Warehouse's inventory system has shown more than 20,000 iPhone 6 units idling in the company's storage warehouse.

Carphone Warehouse has bet a bit too high on users swarming its stores to purchase the iPhone 6, but the demand is seemingly not as high as anticipated. However, the iPhone 6 Plus is still selling as fast as Apple can manufacture it. Apple has managed to sort out the limited stock issues that pledged it in the past.

Sadly for the company, there may be another issue at hand - the average UK smartphone buyer isn't as tempted to go for an iPhone anymore. As per the words of an EE UK employee, for every 3 iPhones sold, there are 7 Samsung Galaxy phones purchased.

In spite of the sales slow down in the UK, Apple sold 39.2 million smartphones in the three months ending in September and and doesn't expect to lose the momentum. We'll see how that turns out come the end of the year and the next wave of financial reports.