iPhone OS 4.0 goes on video, does all that's promised

9 April, 2010

With the iPhone OS 4.0 devs beta released for download right after its announcement, hands-on videos of the new version of the Apple platform are spreading like wildfire. We have done most of the heavy lifting for you and we've gathered the videos most worthy of your attention.

The videos give a brief overview of the features introduced by the iPhone OS 4.0 and their performance. Despite being still in the beta stages of its development the platform is pretty steady and nicely performing already. See for yourselves.

Videos courtesy of michaelsherlock.com

Apparently the multitasking works just great but when it comes to 3rd party apps there is a catch. What Apple have released in the 4.0 version of their platform is an API that allows 3rd party apps to hook to one of their constantly running background services. In practice the difference will hardly be felt by the end users as long as the developers walk the extra mile to make ulti-tasking versions of their apps.

The new App Folders are nice and intuitive and all you need to do in order to create one is place one icon on top of the other. The created folder gets named automatically depending on the category of the apps inside but you are free to rename it as you wish. You can even replace your docked icons with folders if you will.

An interesting detail is that despite the Apple CEO claiming that "In multitasking, if you see a task manager... they blew it" and that "Users shouldn't ever have to think about closing apps" the iPhone 4.0 app switcher allows users to kill running apps. So what does that say for you, Steve?


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  • Anonymous

Here I found a song that suits you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMwXPueu-RM

  • Bricked

That statement about the iphone being best, isn't a good representative of iphone users. Probably a troll who doesn't even own one. The iphone isn't the best device out there, and it's chiefly down to preference what you think is best. Blac...

  • Bricked

Big Deal. A few developers stamp their feet and cry. They don't want to make any more money from apps? Cutting nose off to spite ones face springs to mind.

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