Is a Samsung-made Nexus Prime coming in October?

19 August, 2011

The rumors that Samsung will be producing the next generation Google phone are heating up. Today's edition suggests that the next Google phone, the Nexus Prime, will launch in October and will be the first device to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Reportedly, it will pack a 4.5" screen with 720p resolution - probably the new generation SuperAMOLEDs we heard of yesterday. If that's true, it will mean going back to PenTile matrixes.

Rumors go on to say that the Nexus Prime will be powered by a chipset that will make even the Galaxy S II look slow - a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and a PowerVR SGX540 GPU running at a higher clock speed than we've ever seen so far.

Samsung is already teasing their Berlin Unpacked event, which will precede IFA. It's expected that they'll show the I9250 - supposedly a Android Ice Cream Sandwich phone with a 4.65" screen with 720p resolution.

This sounds very much in line with the Nexus Prime - and if it's not Prime itself, it might be Samsung's own version of the phone (like how Nexus S/Galaxy S were). Also, a September announcement and an October launch seem good.

The acquisition of Motorola by Google hasnít gone through yet, so it's not strange that another company is making the next Nexus. Things might look differently when the time comes to make a successor to the Nexus Prime.

We can't wait for the Berlin Unpacked and IFA, when we should get a clearer picture.

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  • abhishek

review of the google nexus prime­­ream-sandwichnew-platform.html

  • AnonD-19919

1280x720.. i got tears in my eyes

  • AnonD-17456

and i expect 'something big' as it's mentioned in the teaser :D and i just hope that it's gonna be more powerful than the upcoming iphone 5... and i mean it has to be way more powerful than present devices because the GPU has to power a 720...