Is there a Walkman do-re-mi in Sony Ericsson Remi?

01 July, 2008

Another Sony Ericsson phone has leaked once again. Codenamed Remi, the newbie shares a great deal of the Walkman-branded Sony Ericsson looks and insides. Looks like the Walkman and the T-series will compete for the affiliation of Remi. Hunch or else, the Unofficial SE Blog call the Remi the "new T610". As of now we are simply not sure what the market name of the Remi will be.

Sony Ericsson Remi Sony Ericsson Remi
Sony Ericsson Remi next to W890 and T610 • side shots of W890 and Remi

That said, the Remi clearly takes after the Sony Ericsson W890, starting with the keypad and the main controls above it and going all the way to the peculiar rear panel locks on the sides of the handset. Other obvious legacies are the three-soft-key layout and hardware call and end keys. The slim bar also seems to be keeping the Sony Ericsson W890 measures too.

Though not exactly verbose on specs, HSDPA and a 3.2 MP fixed focus camera are reported.

While Remi's timeframe is still obscure, the pattern of leaks lately suggests official announcement might be rather close.

Source: Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Oh my, the T610 still looks absolutely stunning. What a brilliant phone that was, extremely sturdy, lightweight, and at the cutting edge of technology at the time. Too bad I lost mine on vacation :-( The sad thing is, the *only* reason I haven...

  • Anonymous

Yawn... It's not as if the 'Remi' even looks that good...

  • kitch

@below Sony err will slide to 6th place in coming year because apple would come to 5th place. And people like will be dreaming to see sony err at 2nd spot. They make nonsense phones, who would buy the piece of crap only u fools but there are more i...

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